Monday, September 03, 2007

Democratic fundraising

On August 29 Recliner Commentaries commented on the Democratic fundraising activities of convicted criminal Norman Hsu. Although Ms. Clinton has returned the money Mr. Hsu directly donated to her, she has apparently decided not to return the money he raised for her. The Cybercast News Service compares this with the "1996 Clinton fundraising scandal, often called "Chinagate".

Hsu-gate really needs to be investigated.


John said...

Gee, funny that you haven't mentioned that Mitt Romney's national finance co-chair has been indicted on 23 counts of mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury, and obstruction of justice. Oh, and the campaign has only returned his personal donation, not other money raised by him. You say your standards apply to both parties, but you never mention these issues when they happen to Republicans.

Robert said...

Not to quibble with you Jon, but it's Clinton's history with illegal compaign donations that should be the concern, not this particular donor. I suppose one doesn't make it to a compaign for the presidency without running afoul once in a while, but the Clintons are constantly skirting legality. As I said before, the Democrats will be far better off without them in the future. As long as they're there, an air of corruption and misdeeds will cloud the Democrats political future.

Dennis said...

This just in, Mr. Hsu has skipped out on his bail hearing.

John, I really hadn't heard about Mitt Romney's finance co-chair. That is disturbing.