Friday, September 07, 2007

Attacking General Petraeus

Democratic Senators Dick Durban and Harry Reid are now preemptively attacking General Petraeus saying essentially that he is not independent, but in the pocket of the Bush administration.

It is interesting that they are recently pressing this case so vigorously now that it looks like the surge is working. So General Petraeus has to be corrupt right? I mean, because if he was telling the truth about the surge working, the Democrats would be in an embarrassing situation wouldn’t they?

So while Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer was earlier smearing our troops, now his Democratic partners are attacking their General…all in an effort to make political points. This is truly disgusting. Is this really the party you want running the country?


John said...

I know you and the right-wing pundits out there like to think that only a small "wacko" fringe distrust this administration. But only 39% of Americans believe the Petraeus report "will honestly and accurately reflect the General’s true assessment of the situation in Iraq."

Dennis said...

Maybe the wacko fringe of the Democratic Party is much larger than we thought :-)

Robert said...

Perhaps the national media's insistance on calling it "the Bush report" might have something to do with that.

John said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about, Robert. A Google News search for "Bush Report" turned up 97 hits. My search for "Petraeus Report" turned up over 19,000. Sheesh, is there anything you guys won't blame the media for?