Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kill Christians and Jews in Detroit

A flyer saying "Kill Christians and Jews" was placed on cars in Detroit. I wonder if this will be treated as a hate crime. Probably not. See Jihad Watch.

Muslim slave trade

Not long ago Dhimmi Watch posted an excellent article on Muslim slave trade. A quote appears below:
The Arab slave trade was stamped out only by the outside, Christian powers,
first by using force. Great Britain through naval power managed in the 19th
century to end the Arab slave trade in blacks seized and brought to Arabia,
though they did not manage to end the practice of slavery by the Muslim Arabs.
The French did the same where their writ ran in North Africa.

FISA and Democrats

Imagine that you are working for the CIA or NSA trying to prevent the next terrorist attack on the U.S. You are monitoring an internet conversation between a known terrorist leader in Pakistan and another one in Saudi Arabia who are just beginning to provide details of an imminent WMD attack on America. Suddenly, it is brought to your attention that the electrons from this internet conversation pass through a server in the U.S.

If I understand correctly, under current law all monitoring has to stop immediately until our agents get proper authorization—just because the electrons went through an America server!

I agree that some provisions of the Patriot Act went too far, and I want to protect the privacy of American citizens as much as anyone, but the idea that our intelligence agencies should have to get a court order to monitor terrorists on foreign soil, just because their conversations are routed through the U.S. is just plain stupid! (Go to Hot Air and click on the video).

Republicans are desperately trying to get these stupid, suicidal laws updated and Democrats are fighting it at every turn. With the right leadership, I’m sure America can survive the terrorists. I’m not sure we can survive having Democrats in control of both the White House and Congress. Too many of them just don’t get it.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are you too ignorant to see ‘The Kingdom”?

If you, like me, have been looking forward to seeing the movie “The Kingdom” please read this review before you go.

More on Pelosi and hate speech

CNSNews confronted Nancy Pelosi directly about the anti-Christian hate poster in San Francisco:"I'd like to get local for a second and talk about what's going on
in San Francisco. Your spokesman told the Bay Area Reporter that the Folsom
Street Fair advertisement mocking the last supper would not harm Christianity.
I'm wondering if you find the advertisement personally offensive."

"And as a follow up, the city's Grants for the Arts program, funded by the city's hotel tax, subsidizes the fair. Do you think that it's fair to tax everyone who visits San Francisco and stays in a hotel to support the fair?"

Pelosi: "Well that's not really a local question. That's a constitutional question. That's a religious question. That's as big a global question as you can ask. I'm a big believer in First Amendment and therefore, as I said in my statement, I do not believe that Christianity has been harmed by the Folsom Street Fair advertising."

Maybe Ms. Pelosi is right. Maybe this is a constitutional question. If a public school cannot even put a manger scene in a Christmas program because it supposedly violates the principle of separation of church and state, how can it NOT violate the same principle for the city of San Francisco to use tax dollars to promote anti-Christian bigotry?

As for freedom of speech, CNSNews was not asking Ms. Pelosi to outlaw the poster. They just wanted to know if she found it personally offensive—she would undoubtedly be the first to condemn an offensive poster attacking gay groups. Her non-answer was loud and clear.

Nancy Pelosi and hate speech

On September 25 Recliner Commentaries posted “Tolerance, San Francisco style, about the gay group that is promoting an event using a poster of people dressed in sadomasochistic garb, arranged like a famous picture of the Last Supper. The table is filled with sex toys.

If anyone had used something similarly offensive against Muhammad there would likely be blood in the streets in cities around the world. If something similarly offensive had been publicized against gays, blacks, or women, members of Congress would be falling all over themselves to promote their new hate speech bill. Yet, according to a report in the Christian Newswire, when Nancy Pelosi was asked point blank about the poster, she refused to condemn it!

This is very disturbing. We’re not talking about some fringe loony like Rosie O’Donnell or Cindy Sheehan. Ms. Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and one of the most powerful Democrats in the country! Yet, if the report is accurate, Ms. Pelosi will not even condemn the most vicious, vile anti-Christian hate speech!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary on torture

According to New York Daily News, "Sen. Hillary Clinton scored with a Democratic audience last night by contradicting her husband's belief that a terrorist could be tortured to foil an imminent plot - but what observers didn't know is she was contradicting herself, too."

Sounds like she may have been for torture before she was against it. Read the article at New York Daily News.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Putting slavery in perspective

It may just be my imagination, but it sometimes seems like many on the Left absolutely love to use slavery as a big club to show how evil America is. Michael Medved answers these guilt-mongers with an article entitled, Six inconvenient truths about the U.S. and slavery. Slavery was certainly a horrible evil and Mr. Medved in no way wishes to justify it, but he does an excellent job of putting it in perspective. Some excerpts appear below but please take the time to read his entire article.
“…at least 97% of all African men, women and children who were kidnapped, sold,
and taken from their homes, were sent somewhere other than the British colonies
of North America. In this context there is no historical basis to claim that the
United States bears primary, or even prominent guilt for the depredations of
centuries of African slavery.

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution put a formal end to the institution of slavery 89 years after the birth of the Republic; 142 years have passed since this welcome emancipation.

Moreover, the importation of slaves came to an end in 1808 (as provided by the
Constitution), a mere 32 years after independence, and slavery had been outlawed
in most states decades before the Civil War. Even in the South, more than 80% of
the white population never owned slaves. Given the fact that the majority of
today’s non-black Americans descend from immigrants who arrived in this country
after the War Between the States, only a tiny percentage of today’s white
citizens – perhaps as few as 5% -- bear any authentic sort of generational guilt
for the exploitation of slave labor.

In the course of scarcely more than a century following the emergence of the American Republic, men of conscience, principle and unflagging energy succeeded in abolishing slavery not just in the New World but in all nations of the West…This worldwide mass movement (spear-headed in Britain and elsewhere by fervent Evangelical Christians) brought about the most rapid and fundamental transformation in all human history. While the United States (and the British colonies that preceded our independence) played no prominent role in creating the institution of slavery, or even in establishing the long-standing African slave trade pioneered by Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and other merchants long before the
settlement of English North America, Americans did contribute mightily to the
spectacularly successful anti-slavery agitation. As early as 1646, the Puritan
founders of New England expressed their revulsion at the enslavement of their
fellow children of God”

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Six Syrians detained

CBS news is reporting that six Syrians have been detained in Panama City because of suspicious behavior.

Qur'an 5:61-120

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an Sura 5:61-120 is available on Hot Air.

Does the Left value truth?

For an outstanding article illustrating a significant difference between the Right and the Left, read Dennis Prager's short article on "Does the Left value truth?"

Tolerance, San Francisco style

Below are excerpts from a Christian Newswire news release. Here’s tolerance, San Francisco style.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Organizers of San Francisco's hedonistic Folsom Street Fair - sponsored by Miller Brewing, Co. - have portrayed Christ and His disciples as half-naked homosexual sadomasochists in the event's promotional advertisement. The bread and wine representing Christ's broken body and lifegiving blood are replaced with sadomasochistic sex toys in this twisted version of Da Vinci's The Last Supper."

"Gay' activists disingenuously call Christians 'haters' and 'homophobes' for honoring the Bible, but then lash out in this hateful manner toward the very people they accuse."

"What's equally shocking and offensive,' continued Barber, 'is the fact that California taxpayers are forced to help foot the bill for the Folsom Street Fair." The City of San Francisco sanctions the event, shuts down several city blocks and provides police for security."

"...during this event the city of San Francisco suspends the law and allows 'gay'men and women to parade the streets fully nude, many having sex - even group orgies - in broad daylight, while taxpayer funded police officers look on and do absolutely nothing."

Ahmadinejad at Columbia

Yesterday I wrote that parents of Columbia University should send their kids and money to other universities because of their president’s invitation of Ahmadinejad to their university.

I was wrong.

Columbia University president Lee Bollinger completely vindicated himself with his brilliant introduction of Ahmadinejad. Bollinger pulled no punches, providing an itemized list of the Iranian president’s evils including Ahmadinejad’s

1) Brutal imprisoning of, scholars, journalists and human rights activists
2) Illegitimate execution of 210 people this year alone, including children
3) Holocaust denial
4) Threats to wipe Israel off the map
5) Funding of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad
6) Undermining of American troops in Iraq by funding and arming the terrorists
7) Ongoing attempt to develop nuclear weapons

Bollinger told Ahmadinejad to his face that he exhibited “all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator” whose “fanatical mindset” “underlies all you say and do.” He said that Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial made Ahmadinejad “ridiculous” and that he was either “brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated.”

Bollinger spoke of Ahmadinejad’s “absurd comments” and his “preposterous and belligerent statements,” and expressed "revulsion of all you stand for.” Since most of Bollinger’s remarks were expressed as questions, Bollinger closed saying, “I doubt that you will have the intellectual courage to answer these questions.” Bollinger was right.

Bollinger was calm and collected, but rude and insulting at the same time---he told the truth and it was great! There is a time—on rare occasions—when rude and insulting is quite appropriate, and this was one of those times. Ahmadinejad does not deserve to be respected but Bollinger deserves to be honored with a parade! To see the video go to Hot Air.Com.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad at Columbia

Iranian president Ahmadinejad will be speaking at Columbia University today. While I support the freedom of speech that allows Columbia University to have a holocaust-denying, America-hating, WMD threatening, mentally deranged idiot speak on their campus, I also support the right of Columbia supporters to send their money and children to other universities—which is exactly what I think they should do.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nuclear material in Syria

Last week Recliner Commentaries reported that dozens of people had recently been killed in Syria when Iranian engineers were attempting to place WMD chemical weapons on missiles.

Now, according to a report in today's TimesOnline:
Israeli commandos seized nuclear material of North Korean origin during a daring
raid on a secret military site in Syria before Israel bombed it this month,
according to informed sources in Washington and Jerusalem. The attack was
launched with American approval on September 6 after Washington was shown
evidence the material was nuclear related, the well-placed sources say. They
confirmed that samples taken from Syria for testing had been identified as North
Korean. This raised fears that Syria might have joined North Korea and Iran in
seeking to acquire nuclear weapons.

Jihad Watch calls it a "1938 alert." I agree.

Did the NYT betray us?

FoxNews is reporting this morning that the "reader-representative" for the New York Times says that the New York Times violated its own standards by giving a discount on their "General Betray us" hate-ad (about $35,000 discount)!

Maybe its time for Americans to drop their NYT subscriptions.

World Vision attacked

The Darfur region of Sudan is like hell on earth. Kidnapping, rape, torture, nearly a half million people killed and 2.5 million forced out of their homes.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that brings food and medical supplies to this region. Yesterday a World Vision convoy in Darfur was attacked. One staff member was shot in the arm. Two others were shot in the head (Christian Today).

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kathy Griffin and Jesus

Most people probably know by now that at the recent Emmy Awards ceremony, comedian Kathy Griffin publicly said:
"I guess hell froze over. A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this.
He had nothing to do with this. ... Suck it, Jesus! This award is my god now,"
she said. (WorldNetDaily)

The really sad thing is the huge applause she received. Can you imagine the response if she had used a racial slur or said the name "Muhammad" rather than Jesus? Americans would rightly be outraged. But because she vomits her bigotry against Jesus and Christians, the crown applauds!

An actors group has started a petition which reads:
"It's time for Christians to stand up and say, "Enough is Enough!" The name of Jesus Christ should not be mocked, nor should those who love Him be slandered for their beliefs. It is time for people of faith around the country to stand firm against religious slander, bias, and bigotry of all types including Christianity."
If you'd like to take a stand against bigotry, please sign the petition.

The problems in Jena

Michelle Malkin (whose blog should be required reading for all Americans :-) cited an outstanding article in the Kansas city Star about the problems in Jena.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

According to Michael Ireland, a new movie called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is scheduled for release in theaters this February. The film is narrated by Ben Stein, the well known economist, lawyer, actor, and former presidential speech writer. Excerpts from the article in Assist News Service appear below:
Stein uncovers a long line of biologists, astronomers, chemists and philosophers
who have had their reputations destroyed and their careers ruined by a scientific establishment that allows absolutely no dissent from Charles Darwin’s theory of random mutation and natural selection.

“Scientists are supposed to be allowed to follow the evidence wherever it may lead, no matter what the implications are. Freedom of inquiry has been greatly compromised, and this is not only anti-American, it’s anti-science. Its anti-the whole concept of learning.”

Expelled uncovers that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired in some cases for the fact that they believe there is evidence of “design” in nature, challenging the idea that life is a result of random chance.

For example...

Richard Sternberg, a double PhD biologist who allowed a peer-reviewed research paper describing the evidence for intelligence in the universe to be published in the scientific journal Proceedings… officials from the National Center for Science Education and the Smithsonian Institution where Sternberg was a research fellow began a coordinated smear and intimidation campaign to get the promising young scientist expelled from his position.

Astrobiologist Guillermo Gonzalez…was denied tenure at Iowa State University in spite of his extraordinary record of achievement. Gonzalez made the mistake of documenting the design he has observed in the universe.

Caroline Crocker, a brilliant biology teacher at George Mason University…was forced out of the university for briefly discussing problems with Darwinian Theory and for telling the students that some scientists believe there is evidence of design in the universe.

Expelled doesn’t just talk to people representing one side of the story. The film confronts scientists such as Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, influential biologist and atheist blogger PZ Myers and Eugenie Scott, head of the National Center for Science Education.

The creators of Expelled crossed the globe over a two-year period, interviewing scores of scientists, doctors, philosophers and public leaders. “The incredible thing about Expelled is that we don’t resort to manipulating our interviews for the purpose of achieving the ‘shock effect,’…“People will be stunned to actually find out what elitist scientists proclaim, which is that a large majority of Americans are simpletons who believe in a fairy tale.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is scheduled for release in February 2008. For more information on Ben Stein’s journey visit

Friday, September 21, 2007

Shooting at Delaware State University

Two students were shot at Delaware State University last night (I once took a music class there). Both students are still alive though one is apparently fighting for his or her life. Please remember them in your prayers. Police are still looking for the gunman.

Support for General Petraeus

Kudos to the Senators who voted in support of General Petraeus yesterday. Especially to the Democrats who risked MoveOn's wrath (and loss of money) with their vote.

Unfortunately, Hillary voted against the resolution and Obama left just before the vote took place (though, to his credit he later denounced the MoveOn ad).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why are we in Iraq?

I just started reading a fascinating book on the War in Iraq. It reminds us of why we are in this war to begin with:
Saddam Hussein had made clear over decades that the death of hundreds of
thousands of Iraqis was of no consequence to him. The death of millions of
Iranians was to be desired. What would inhibit him from killing millions of
Americans or Europeans as will if and when he had the means? Nothing in his

The inspectors could not account for about 6,000 chemical aerial bombs or for at least seven Iraqi-made missiles and two Russian-made SCUD missiles. They doubted Iraq’s claim to have destroyed twenty-five missiles warheads filled with bioweapons and could not account for fifty conventional missiles warheats.

They reported that Iraq had not accounted for the materials to produce 26,000 liters of anthrax and 1.5 tons of VX gas. They reminded us that a warhead filled with just 140 liters of VX could kill 1 million people.

The sanctions enriched Saddam’s ruling class, which deliberately impoverished the common people while blaming the international community. Saddam build more and more sumptuous and extravagant palaces for himself and his sons Uday and Qusay…

The regime gouged out the eyes of children to force confessions from their parents. It fed people into huge shredders, feet first to prolong the agony, or into vats of acid. It forced prisoners to watch their wives, daughters, and sisters being repeatedly raped by guards or having white hot rods jammed into them (Shawcross, William. Allies. New York : Public Affairs, 2005. 19, 32-35).
And the anti-war Left extremists basically say, in effect, “Screw em. It’s their problem not ours.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hooray for universal heath care!

Universal health care sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? After all, who could be so heartless that they don’t want people to have health care? Why can’t we just be more like Britain or Canada?

We must be careful what we ask for:

The British National Heath Service recently promised “to reduce wait times for hospital care to four months.”

“The wait to see dentists is so long that some Brits pull their own teeth.”

“One hospital tried to save money by not changing bed sheets every day.”

When Canadian Karen Jepp “was about to give birth to quadruplets last month, she was told that all the neonatal units she could go to in Canada were too crowded. She flew to Montana to have the babies.”

Canadian doctor David Gratzer says, “The more time I spent in the Canadian system, the more I came across people waiting. You want to see your neurologist because of your stress headache? No problem! You just have to wait six months. You want an MRI? No problem! Free as the air! You just gotta wait six months."

Want universal health care? Evaluate what the candidates are selling very carefully and watch what you ask for. You may just get it.

Please read the rest in John Stossel’s short, but outstanding article on Townhall.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ramadi Iraq

If you only read one news story all week, you've got to read Michael Totten's Middle East Journal (September 18) from Iraq. I've copied some exerpts below but please read his entire article when you get the chance.
"Whether Anbar Province is freshly christened pro-American ground or whether
the newly founded Iraqi-American alliance is merely temporary and tactical is
hard to say. Whatever the case, the region is no longer a breeding ground for
violent anti-American and anti-Iraqi forces."

“As of July 30,” Major Peters said in early August, “we’ve have 81 days in the city with zero attacks since March 31.”

"Violence has declined so sharply in Ramadi that few journalists bother to
visit these days. It’s “boring,” most say, and it’s hard to get a story out
there – especially for daily news reporters who need fresh scoops every day."

"I was greeted by friendly Iraqis in the streets of Baghdad every day, but
the atmosphere in Ramadi was different. I am not exaggerating in the least when
I describe their attitude toward Americans as euphoric. "

"Ramadi has changed so drastically from the terrorist-infested pit that it
was as recently as April 2007 that I could hardly believe what I saw was real.
The sheer joy on the faces of these Iraqis was unmistakable. They weren’t sullen
in the least, and it was pretty obvious that they were not just pretending to be
friendly or going through the hospitality motions."

"Grown Iraqi men hugged American Soldiers and Marines."

I heard about this from Hugh Hewitt's radio program. Funny, I don't recall hearing anything like this from the main stream media. Why is that?

WMD's in Syria

According to a report published today by the Jerusalem Post:

Proof of cooperation between Iran and Syria in the development and
proliferation of weapons of mass destruction was brought to light Monday in a
Jane's Magazine report that dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Syrian officers
were killed in a July 23 accident in Syria.

According to the report, cited by Channel 10, the joint Syrian-Iranian team was attempting to mount a chemical warhead on a scud missile when the explosion occurred, spreading lethal chemical agents, including sarin nerve gas and VX gas.

I wondering how we can be sure they didn't get some of this gas from Saddam Hussein. Since this seems like a pretty significant story, I'm also wondering why I only heard about it from talk radio (Hugh Hewitt) and not TV news. I guess they were too busy covering OJ.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Qur'an 5:1-60

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an sura 5:1-60 is now available on Hot Air.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You're not tough enough

Kudos to Elizabeth Edwards who denounced the ad saying, “Someone who’s spent their life in the military doesn’t deserve ‘General Betray Us,’” (Des Moines Register).

Now if only Hillary Clinton would do the same. Is she afraid of the loony Left, or just afraid of loosing their money? As John McCain said, “If you're not tough enough to repudiate a scurrilous, outrageous attack such as that, then I don't know how you're tough enough to be president of the United States” (Politico).

Norman Hsu and the ganster

The Norman Hsu story just keeps getting stranger all the time. Now it appears that Hsu once had some interactions with a major Chinatown ganster (Hot Air).

Friday, September 14, 2007

Chaplain fired for praying in Jesus' name

According to the Christian Newswire, Hosptial chaplain Danny Harvey was fired for praying in Jesus name. Read the entire article at Christian Newswire.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Israel air strikes in Syria

Did Israeli planes take out North Korean nukes in Syria? (Ya Libnan).

Hillary Clinton and Norman Hsu

Michelle Malkin has an excellent post on the ongoing investigations into Hillary Clinton and Norman HSU. In a nutshell, Hillary is going to give back some $850,000 in campaign funds raised by convicted criminal Hsu, but the Hillary campaign is then going to ask the donors to give the money back to the Clinton campaign.

But, as someone comments, "if Hsu cuts John Doe a check for $100,000 and asks him to spread it around among Democrats A-Z, then giving that money back to John so that he can give it right back to you doesn’t “cleanse” it. It’s Hsu’s money; John never should have had it in the first place." The question is then raised, "Why not at least wait until the DOJ investigation of Hsu’s bundled donations is over so you know which donors are clean and which aren’t?"

Michelle's answer: "Because they don't care."

Then, someone else asks how it was possible for Hillary Clinton to not know that Norman Hsu was a convicted criminal since she is under Secret Service protection and the Secret Service would do a very thorough background check on anyone who might come in contact with the protectees. So was the Secret Service ordered to back off from Norman Hsu?

The right to leave Islam

Ex-Muslims in Britain are fighting for the right to leave Islam and choose their own religion without threats of bodily harm or even death (LGF, TimesOnline).

This is one cause that ALL Americans, both Left and Right, should be able to suport.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The torture of Megan Williams

Six white trash low-lifes kidnapped and tortured a young black woman named Megan Williams. For an entire week, they locked her in a small storage shed calling racial slurs while raping her, stabbing her, beating her, pouring hot water on her, choking her with a cable cord, and making her drink from a toilet and forcing her to eat rat droppings.

Prosecutors have decided not to press for hate crimes charges because the state’s hate crimes laws allow up to a10 year penalty while regular kidnapping charges bring up to a life penalty (AP).

Do you think Ms. Williams will ever get over this? Is it really justice to put these people away for life while the tax payers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide for their food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental care for the rest of their lives?

Quite frankly, I think it may be time to repeal the amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. These animals should be publically horse-whipped and burned alive at the stake.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Hunt for Red November

The Hunt for Red November

Thompson leads!

According to the Rasmussen polls, Fred Thompson has pulled ahead of all other GOP presidential candidates, replacing Rudolf Giuliani. Thompson came in at 26%, followed by Giuliani at 22%, Romney at 13% and McCain at 12% (Rasmussen Reports).

Censoring religion in prisons

"We are afraid to affirm the value of our own civilization. We are afraid to say that Christianity is a religion of peace and Islam isn't, and so have to make these outlandish gestures to appease the god of multiculturalism and relativism." So says Robert Spencer regarding the Bureau of Prisons' new policy of purging thousands of religous books from the libraries of our prisons (DhimmiWatch).

If the prison policy is to reject books that incite violence, it is undoubtedly only one religion that is usually affected. So rather than risking charges of discriminating against this one religion, the Bureau of Prisons has decided to discriminate againat all relgions. They are creating a small list of approved religious books that can be in prison libraries. All the rest--thousands of books--are being discarded.

Is this even constitutional? The ACLU will defend the "rights" of people to have child pornography and the American Library Association will fight against any effort to keep pornography away from children in public libraries, but will they fight to allow prisoners to have religious books? I'm not going to hold my breath.

I agree fully with Robert Spencer's assessment.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fox News, worse than al Qaeda?

Speaking of the far Left, how about this:
Al Qaeda really hurt us, but not as much as Rupert Murdoch has hurt us,
particularly in the case of Fox News. Fox News is worse than Al Qaeda — worse
for our society. It’s as dangerous as the Ku Klux Klan ever was.”

This piece of anti-American stupidity comes from MSNBC's Kieth Oberman (See Michelle Malkin).

General Betray us?!

The true colors of the far Left shined brightly today with a full-page ad in the New York times, published by MoveOn.Org, asking “General Petraeus or General Betray us?

Its one thing to disagree with foreign policy, but to launch a full-page personal attack on a man who has spent his distinguished career serving this country—and for MoveOn to do so before they had even heard what Dr. Petraeus had to say--is not only despicable, it is anti-American.

Democratic Senators Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had also smeared Petraeus before hand saying essentially that the White House was pulling his strings. It is worth noting, therefore, that General Petraeus said today that his report was entirely his own and that it was not reviewed by anyone in the Administration, the Pentagon or the Congress.

If Pelosi and Reid have evidence to the contrary, now is the time to produce it and call Petraeus a liar to his face, otherwise, in my opinion, they are really not a whole lot better than MoveOn.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Stand by the mission petition

Regardless of whether you were (or are) for or against the war in Iraq, it is really beyond serious doubt that for America to withdraw our troops too soon will:

1) result in mass slaughter of Iraqis who supported America,

2) cause the terrorists to think they can defeat America anywhere, anyplace anytime, and

3) embolden the terrorists to continue or even increase their worldwide jihad against all non-Muslims

Please sign the petition against pulling out of Iraq too soon.

Quran 4:104-176

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an Sura 4:104-176 is now available on Hot Air.

Child porn and the ACLU

"A man who for 12 years served as president of the Virginia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union was sentenced to seven years in prison yesterday for downloading what authorities said was some of the worst child pornography they have ever seen" (Washington Times).

Perhaps the rest of the ACLU should be investigated as well.

Muslim madrassa in NY

Since 1963 when Madeline Murray O’Hare launched her attack on prayer in public schools, all hints of Christianity in public schools have been relentlessly attacked under the guise of “separation of church and state.” It seems, however, that to some on the Left, this separation only applies to Christianity. Some state colleges are now using tax dollars to construct places for Muslim foot washing and New York City has even established a tax funded Muslim school!

Of course the Muslims responsible for this school swore that it was not for religious instruction but, according to Kevin McCullough, that turned out to be a lie on the very first day the school was open. As it turned out, the principal of the school had ties to Hamas and Hezbollah. She has since been relieved of her duties but the school goes on, at taxpayer expense!

Have the ACLU, People for the American Way, or Americans United for the Separation of Church and State opposed any of these things? Until they do the American people have every right to suspect that these organizations are not really interested in separation of religion and state, they are just interested in suppressing and censoring Christianity.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Democratic corruption

Wow, the New Jersey Democratic Party appears to be absolutely putrid with corruption! See Michelle Malkin's post.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Attacking General Petraeus

Democratic Senators Dick Durban and Harry Reid are now preemptively attacking General Petraeus saying essentially that he is not independent, but in the pocket of the Bush administration.

It is interesting that they are recently pressing this case so vigorously now that it looks like the surge is working. So General Petraeus has to be corrupt right? I mean, because if he was telling the truth about the surge working, the Democrats would be in an embarrassing situation wouldn’t they?

So while Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer was earlier smearing our troops, now his Democratic partners are attacking their General…all in an effort to make political points. This is truly disgusting. Is this really the party you want running the country?

"Inability of American troops"

Just a couple days ago Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said:
And let me be clear: the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the Surge, not
because of the Surge. The inability of American soldiers to protect these tribes
from Al Qaeda said to these tribes, “We have to fight al Qaeda ourselves. It
wasn’t that the surge brought peace here. (emphasis mine, Sweetness and Light).

Notice that Senator Schumer did not just say, "the inability of U.S. policy" or the "inability of President Bush." He said the inabilty of American soldiers!

So let me get this straight. In Mr. Schumer's mind, if the surge doesn’t work, it’s the fault of President Bush and our troops. If the surge does work, it has nothing to do with President Bush and the troops but is entirely the result of Iraqi war lords?

Or could it be that Senator Schumer has sold his soul to politics to such an extent that if he has to slander our own American men and women in Iraq, he is fully willing to do that just to keep President Bush and the Republicans from scoring political points over the surge?

This is truly despicable. The citizens of New York need to call for this man’s resignation! Schumer is a leader in the Democratic Party. Is this really the party you want leading the country in the next election?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gay foster parents

Incredibly sad, thoroughly disgusting and totally infuriating:
A homosexual foster couple were left free to sexually abuse vulnerable boys
in their care because social workers feared being accused of discrimination if
they investigated complaints, an inquiry concluded yesterday.

Craig Faunch and Ian Wathey were one of the first homosexual couples in the country to be officially approved as foster parents. They looked after 18 children in only 15 months. With no previous convictions, they came across as respectable men who simply wanted to help boys with a variety of problems. In reality, they were
paedophiles, who repeatedly abused the children in their care (See Michelle Malkin for the rest of her post).

Foot washing at Savannah State

While some state universities are spending your tax dollars to finance Muslim foot washing basins, Savannah State University actually expelled a Christian group for evangelism and foot washing! The group was washing the feet of new members, following example set by Jesus when he washed the feet of his disciples.

The university said that for this group to share their faith was "harassment" and that foot washing "endangers or is likely to endanger the physical health of a student, regardless of the student's willingness to participate in such activity" (OneNewsNow).


Fred's In!

What we've expected for quite some time has now become official. Fred Thompson will be our next, Fred Thompson has announced his candidacy for President (See Hot Air for the video).

I actually like Mike Huckabee better, I'm not optimistic about his chances.

"Government that is big enough to do anything for us, is big enough to do anything to us" (Fred Thompson).

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Does diversity work?

Harvard political science professor, Robert Putnam recently published the results of an extensive study of ethnic diversity based on 30,000 interviews in 41 U.S. communities.”
Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal summarized the conclusions:

Inhabitants of diverse communities tend to withdraw from collective life, to
distrust their neighbors, regardless of the color of their skin, to withdraw
even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its
leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects
less often, to register to vote less, to agitate for social reform more, but
have less faith that they can actually make a difference, and to huddle
unhappily in front of the television.

There was only one place in America where diversity is working. Henninger continues,

Hold onto your hat. It’s Christian evangelical megachurches. ‘In many large
evangelical congregations,’ [Putnam] writes, ‘the participants constituted the
largest thoroughly integrated gatherings we have ever witnessed.’ This, too, is
an inconvenient truth. They do it with low entry barriers to the church and by
offering lots of little groups to join inside the larger ‘shared identity’ of
the church (Read the entire article at “Think Again by Katherine Kersten of the Minneapolis Star Tribune).
For non-church goers who are truly serious about diversity and integration, maybe its time to start attending a large Evangelical church near you! (Hat tip: John W.)

The stolen vote

According to CNS News:
House Republicans have launched an investigation into what they're calling
the "stolen illegal immigration vote." They say House Democrats cheated on Aug.
2, during a vote on a Republican proposal to bar taxpayer-funded benefits for
illegal immigrants. According to House Republican Leader John Boehner, the GOP
proposal passed 215-213 on the night of Aug. 2. But Democratic leaders promptly
reopened the vote and allowed several Democrats to change their minds. When
Democratic leaders ordered the vote closed for a second time, the Republican
motion was defeated -- and taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants were
restored, Boehner said.

Read the entire report at CNSNews.

It sounds cruel to cut off money to illegal immigrants but every dime we spend on someone here illegally, is money we do not have to spend on other people in poverty--people who live here legally.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Fair and balanced?

The Media Research Center recently completed a study of the campaign coverage on ABC's Good Morning America, CBS's The Early Show, and NBC's Today.

The MRC found that the ABC, NBC and CBS morning programs are not only strongly biased against Republicans, at times they almost seem to be campaigning for Democrats!

The Left is always venting their anger at Fox News for being biased toward the Right. The interesting thing about this is that the ABC, NBC and CBS morning shows have nine times as many viewers as CNN, Fox News and MSNBC combined during the same time slots.

In fact, many on the Left want to regulate talk radio which is dominated by the right, but has only a tiny fraction of the audience that main stream media outlets have. The Democrats don't want fairness. They just want to censor the opposition, and that is the beginning of fascism.

Democratic fundraising

On August 29 Recliner Commentaries commented on the Democratic fundraising activities of convicted criminal Norman Hsu. Although Ms. Clinton has returned the money Mr. Hsu directly donated to her, she has apparently decided not to return the money he raised for her. The Cybercast News Service compares this with the "1996 Clinton fundraising scandal, often called "Chinagate".

Hsu-gate really needs to be investigated.

Establishment of religion?

The University of Michigan at Dearborn has announced that it plans to spend $25,000 for footwashing areas for Muslims (Dhimmi Watch).

Why is it somehow a violation of the establishment clause for a courthouse to display the Ten Commandments, or for a public school to put on a play about the brith of Christ at Christmas, but it is not a violation for a state university to spend $25,000 for the benifit of a single religion?

Qur'an 4:35-104

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an Sura 4:35-104 is now availalable on Hot Air.