Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Washintgon Post cartoon

The Washintgon Post and many other newspapers around the country recently refused to publish an “Opus” cartoon that was making fun of radical Islam.

It is important to note that the cartoon was not mocking Muslims. It was mocking the terrorists who want to kill us. Even so, the Post apparently thought the cartoon was too offensive to Muslims.

First, when a tiny group of Christian radicals were bombing abortion clinics several years ago, Christians condemned the violence right along with non-Christians (As thoroughly abominable as I think abortion is, I even sent a letter to Newsweek protesting the killing of an abortion doctor (Newsweek, April 12, 1993, 14). So why is it that when cartoonists or others (like Robert Spencer on Jihad Watch) attack Islamic terrorists, so many Muslims get offended?

Second, the Washington Post had just published a cartoon mocking Jerry Falwell and conservative Christians only about a week earlier. What kind of sickness is it that seems to think it is OK to mock Christians but not OK to mock Islamic terrorists? Is this Anti-Christian bigotry? Politically correct stupidity? Or just liberal bias?

Third, maybe the Washington Post was just afraid of a violent response by Islamic terrorists if they had published the cartoon. Unfortunately, if we are at the point where our major news outlets are so afraid to publish something for fear of retaliation, we might as well flush our Constitution because we’ve already lost the war.

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