Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No compulsion in Islam?

When we think of radical Islam, countries like Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia come to mind. Egypt, on the other hand, is usually viewed as a moderate Islamic nation. Welcome to moderate Islam (from the World Evangelical Alliance RLP 444, 29 August, 2007):

EGYPT, where a debate over religious liberty is heating up. A group of
Coptic converts to Islam wanting to return to Christianity were denied
permission in the courts. However, they successfully appealed and their case
will be reheard in Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court on 1 September.
Subsequent to the Copts' appeal, a Muslim convert to Christianity named Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy launched legal action against the Interior Ministry as it would not officially recognise his conversion to Christianity.

* UPDATE: EGYPT'S RELIGIOUS LIBERTY STRUGGLE. Compass Direct reports that after Hegazy's case became public, his lawyer resigned due to death threats and
public outrage. Then on 8 August Egyptian police arrested and are holding two
Coptic human rights advocates who interviewed Hegazy (25) on an Internet forum.
Dr Adel Fawzy Faltas (61), Egyptian head of the Canada-based Middle East
Christian Association (MECA), and Peter Ezzat, a senior MECA member, stand
accused of insulting Islam. Coptic lawyer Peter Ramses Raouf el-Nagar has taken
on their case as well as Hegazy's. Persistent death threats have forced Hegazy
into hiding. Meanwhile Egyptian clerics are debating the issues and trying to
redefine apostasy and religious liberty as issues of national security rather
than of Islam.

There is no compulsion in Islam…….yeah right!

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