Friday, August 10, 2007

Gay men to be killed?

18 gay men have been imprisoned with a possible death penalty. I love the headline in this link!


Steve said...

This is how Christians behave, by contrast:

Robert said...

Steve -

I'm not certain what you're trying to say here. Not to put words in your mouth, but you appear to be saying that Christians are not much better because they refuse to do a memorial service because it would appear as though they supported the gay lifestyle. While I might agree that cancelling 24 hours before the event is pretty weak, I fail to see the comparison between that and killing gay men.

Steve said...

My point is that there is not really as much difference between Muslims who want to kill gay people and Christians who just wish gay people were dead as Dennis seems to think. It's like defending racists who don't actually go out and lynch black people. Hate is hate, bigotry is bigotry and saying that one kind of hate or bigotry is better than another is a worthless distinction.

Dennis said...

Excuse me, Steve, but you seem to be projecting your own insecurities on my post. I said nothing about wanting gay men to be killed. I didn't even imply such a thing! I do not hate gay people!

My whole point was to highlight the absurdity (and hatred) of those who try to equate Christians and Muslims on this issue, and your response perfectly illustrates my point!

I linked to a site reporting how several gay men were about to be executed by a Muslim government for no other reason than being gay. Your response was to show that Christians are just as terrible and hateful because one insensitive, misguided Christian pastor canceled a funeral!

Although America is not a Chrisian nation, I'll concede your point when President Bush starts advocating the execution of gay people.

Dennis said...

Hold everything! I need to retract my statement and apologize for what I said about the insensitive, misguided pastor.

As it turns out the AP article to which Steve referred was not telling the whole story (A mainline media outlet that would spin the truth? Shocking!)

As I now understand it, this church was initially OK with allowing the funeral even though they knew the deceased man was gay. But when they found out that the funeral was not just going to be an ordinary funeral, but a full-blown celebration of homosexuality, the church decided that they could not let their sanctuary be used to spit in the face of their convictions (my words, not theirs).

However--and in my opinion, this was an amazingly tolerant action--the church offered to rent another suitable facility and cater the funeral at church expense!!!

Nevertheless, it appears that some in the gay community--note, I said, some, not all--do not seem to have the capacity to understand (or are simply too intollerant to care) about other people's religious convictions, and apparently decided that this funeral could be turned in to a perfect national platform from which to bash Christians! The AP was apparently only too willing to comply.