Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amazing generosity!

In the last three years, a family in California has donated more than $800,000 to the Democrats, including Hillary Clinton. That appears to be an amazing—nearly miraculous—accomplishment since William Paw, the head of this household makes only $49,000 per year and lives with his family in a small house in Daly City.

The top donor in this family is Winkle Paw who “lists as his employer several companies owned by Norman Hsu. Norman Hsu is a leading Democratic fundraiser who has also raised significant amounts of money for Hillary Clinton. He also “agreed in 1991 to accept three years in prison for allegedly swindling $1 million out of investors who had backed his plan to resell latex gloves” (Wall Street Journal).

Sounds pretty fishy to me, but it must be on the up-and-up. After all, Senator Clinton is a member of “the most ethical congress in history.”


Robert said...

Turns out that Hsu is also a wanted criminal in CA. Seems pretty likely that Hsu and the Paw family are by passing campaign laws to funnel more money to the Democratic party (specifically the Hillary campaign).

John said...

Ahh, now this is why I still make the occasional trip back to this blog - thanks for the chuckle. Did you pause even for a second while typing your complaints about the left's supposed lack of ethics, even though the latest GOP scandal (Larry Craig) is still unfolding? I doubt it.

And I couldn't read the whole WSJ article, since I'm not a subscriber, but the very first sentence of the article states that Hillary is giving back the money raised by Hsu, now that his legal problems have come to light. Things like this happen sometimes, to candidates on both sides, and they give the money back. So what's your point?

Dennis said...

Well, John, I'm just waiting for the "most ethical Congress in history" to investigate this as vigorously as they have investigated the dismissal of the U.S. Attorneys.

John said...

Seriously, what did she do wrong? What, precisely, do you want investigated? Sometimes shady people give money to politicians. As long as they give the money back once the person's background comes to light, what has the politician done wrong?

John said...

And using your logic, shouldn't the National Republican Congressional Committee be investigated for this, then?

Dennis said...

Well, my swipe was actually against the "most ethical Congress in history" rather than Hillary specificlly, but since you asked:

I guess I'd like to know who knew what and when they knew it. Was anyone in the Democratic Congress or the Democratic Party aware that they had a convicted criminal working to raise funds for them? If not, why not? Was his fundraising in any way connected to the fact that he somehow got out of serving time? Was Mr. Hsu somehow funneling money illegially through the Paw family (Winkle Paw supposedly worked for several companies owned by Norman Hsu).

This whole thing just smells of corruption and I'd like to know who and what is involved.

John, I think you know that if Mr. Hsu had been raising so much money for the Republicans, "the most ethical Congress in history" would be all over this like flies on cowpies...we'd have investigations coming out our ears. And rightly so. But because it was Democratic fundraising, I suspect that this Congress will turn a blind eye.

John said...

John, I think you know that if Mr. Hsu had been raising so much money for the Republicans, "the most ethical Congress in history" would be all over this like flies on cowpies...we'd have investigations coming out our ears. And rightly so. But because it was Democratic fundraising, I suspect that this Congress will turn a blind eye.

Not necessarily. As far as I know the Democrats aren't investigating the money received by the GOP from a terrorism funder (see the link I provided). And one would think that is far worse.

Dennis said...

John, there's a big difference. On the one hand there are unethical Democrats while on the other hand there are honest, trustworthy Republicans.

Just kidding. I just wanted to raise your blood pressure a bit. Actually, I think the donations you cited should be investigated also. For instance, I'd want to make sure that there were no favors handed out or promised for that money.

John said...

Well, these issues aside, we all know the reason that most fundraising issues get swept under the rug. Sure, you may catch the other guy doing something wrong, but you're probably doing something wrong too and don't want to call attention to fundraising in general.

Not that I'm cynical or anything...

Robert said...

Speaking of Craig, why haven't you posted about it yet? Seems like an interesting topic for discussion.

Robert said...

As a side note, I'd be more inclined to agree with you John if the Clintons weren't involved so often with shenanigans with illegal donations or deals. Hsu’s involvement with the democrats and the Clintons go far beyond just few thousand dollars. He’s supposedly responsible for helping to raise nearly a million dollars in donations. There is always this weirdness with them and foreign donations.

The Democrats need to get the Clintons out of their politics just like the Republicans need the Bush’s out. As long as they’re there, there is going to be this cloud of incompetence and corruption.

Dennis said...

Robert, you asked why I haven't posted on the Larry Craig scandal.
Well, I guess I’m still formulating an opinion.

I believe it was the editor of the Idaho paper (Idaho Statesman?) who said on the radio recently that they had received several allegations of the congressman’s homosexual activity but they had not published any of them until news broke of his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of lewd behavior in a Minneapolis airport restroom.

But the paper is apparently liberal so how can you trust that :-)

It was only yesterday that I heard parts of the tapes of his interrogation on the radio, and between the tapes and the Idaho paper, I’ve tentatively concluded that the guy is lying and that he really was trying to solicit gay sex in the restroom.

If he was totally innocent, it also seems odd to me that he would just plead guilty (apparently hoping the misdemeanor would never be made public). I mean, if the congressman was totally innocent, I would think that he would immediately suspect some kind of left wing smear conspiracy against him and hire the best lawyers and investigators he could afford to expose the smear campaign and clear his name.

The fact that he did not fight the charges and that he seemed to be waffling in the interview(plus the editor’s statements) leads me to believe that the congressman is guilty.

I agree, therefore, with the calls for his resignation but I find it interesting that the apparently liberal Idaho paper is also calling for his resignation saying that we can’t trust someone who would keep something like this secret. If they support gay rights, they would have a harder time attacking him for being gay so they have to find something to attack him on. I would be interested to know, however, whether they also called for Bill Clinton’s resignation for keeping his relations with Monika Lewinski secret?

And speaking of being consistent, wouldn’t you think that Democrats in general, and gay rights activists in particular, would jump to the congressman’s defense arguing that he did nothing wrong?

Anyway, those are my thoughts so far but my opinion could change tomorrow---or maybe right after I read your response :-) What do you think?

Steve said...

There are Democrats who believe that Craig did nothing wrong, which you would know if you ever read liberal blogs. It has been mostly Republicans that have called for his blood while hypocritically ignoring David Vitter (another Republican scandal you not so mysteriously ignored). Many have expressed compassion for Craig as a closeted gay man while also criticizing his support for anti-gay measures in Congress. Clearly, he is deeply troubled and a victim of anti-gay hatred as much as a perpetrator.

It's too bad your blog is so partisan that you feel you have to ignore Republican scandals and exaggerate Democratic ones.