Thursday, May 10, 2007

Planned Parenthood Cover-up

According to the ChristianNewWire (May 10):
Student reporter Lila Rose posed as a 15 year old, entered a Santa Monica
Planned Parenthood and announced that a 23 year old man had impregnated her,
according to the Advocate, a student magazine at UCLA. Planned Parenthood staff
informed Rose that this constituted statutory rape and then encouraged her to
"figure out a birth-date that works," to obtain the abortion and avoid getting
the man in trouble with the police. The Planned Parenthood staff assured Rose
that if she said she was 16 or older, they wouldn't have to report the

"California's mandatory reporting laws for statutory rape are supposed to protect pregnant minors," said Lila Rose, Editor in Chief of The Advocate. "Underage girls are being targeted by predators, and Planned Parenthood is busy covering up the evidence. How many other rapes has this one clinic covered up?" (Christian NewsWire).
Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood, Southwest Ohio Region
“were named as defendants in a lawsuit…alleging that they violated Ohio law by
their failure to repot the sexual abuse of minors…The suit alleges that on
November 15, 2004, 16 year-old Denise Fairbanks, was brought to PP by her
father, who had been sexually assaulting her since she was 13. He sought an
abortion for his daughter at PP's Auburn Avenue facility in order to cover up
the sexual abuse and resulting pregnancy.” (Christian NewWire).
Isn’t it time for a full-scale federal investigation of Planned Parenthood?

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