Monday, April 23, 2007

Hillary, a felon?

Peter Paul, a Hollywood mogul and former associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton plans to release a video which he thinks will prove that Ms. Clinton violated campaign finance laws during her run for Senate in 2000.

According to CNSNews, Peter Paul put up $1.9 million for a fundraising event for Ms. Clinton when the “the maximum individual contribution to a political candidate was $2,000.

“Paul’s film…includes other video footage of the Clintons meeting with Paul and Lee, a brunch attended by the Clintons, Barbara Streisand and Paul, as well as the massive concert/fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's first Senate campaign featuring Cher, Whoopi Goldberg, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Sugar Ray, Queen Latifah and other celebrities."

“The working title is, 'Hillary Exposed: The Case of Paul v. Clinton." According to Paul’s attorney, D. Colette Wilson, "As you watch the video tape, you're watching a felony take place."

Read the entire article at CNSNews.Com.


Kevin said...

Any word on whether or not the most ethical Congress in history is going to have hearings on this one to uncover the truth?

Robert said...

No offense, but what would that prove? I have no belief what-so-ever that Congress would ever look into any wrong doing by Ms. Clinton. Gore's weak excuses during the 2000 elections were good enough for most Democrats and I don't believe they'll waste on time on Hillary. They only waste time on investigations on legal moves by the attorney general.

Dennis said...

I think we all know that if these allegations were being made againt one of the Republican front-runners for President, Congress would be all over it like stink on a skunk.

Kevin said...

Robert, I agree with you fully. Unfortunately it's impossible to show my impish grin on these blogs :)

The current congress, like the Republican one before it, is not concerned about the general wellbeing of the American people when that wellbeing conflicts with their political party interests. They think we're idiots... and to some extent we seem to be... we keep buying this line about politicians out for our benefit, when in reality their actions show that they're interested in their own and their political parties and occasionally those interests may overlap with ours.