Monday, December 31, 2007

Qur'an 9:81-129

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an Sura 9:81-129 is now available on Hot Air.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

6.5 tons of "sugar"

The European Union "is the largest supplier of humanitarian assistance" to the Palestinians in Gaza. Some humanitarian assistance! Israel just discovered 6.5 tons of potassium nirtrate--used to make explosives--sent to Gaza and hidden in bags marked as sugar.

Where's the outrage? Read the brief article in Reuters.

Fair and balanced

According to The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University a study found that “on FOX evaluations of candidates were perfectly balanced: A 50-50 split for candidates in both parties. But, on the three broadcast networks, candidate evaluations for both parties were negative almost 60 percent of the time.”

I could be wrong, but my guess is that you won’t hear about this study on ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dealing with attack ads

I was watching clips of Mike Huckabee responding to his critics this afternoon. He basically said you can listen to the lying attack ads against him but you should remember that if the candidate
who will lie to get into office will lie after being elected to office too.

It wa a good soundbite. Unfortunately, Huckabee gave no answers to what were some very significant objections to his campaign.

I know nothing about campaigning, but rather than calling one's opponent a liar or saying--as another candidate did--that his opponent's position would likely change tomorrow and that his opponent was in a tailspin, wouldn't it be better to use a kind of verbal "judo" against attack ads?

In other words, why not use attack ads to your benefit by explaining how your opponent has deliberately misrepresented you or twisted your message, and then use the opportunity to better explain what your position really is? Then let your audience draw their own conclusions about the honesty--or lack thereof--on the part of your opponent?

On the other hand, maybe that's just the nature of TV news. If you give more than a soundbite, you won't get air time.

Edwards, Obama, Hillary and Bhutto

I really hate to side with Hillary twice in one day, and I don't ever remember agreeing with Edwards, but when he's right, he's right:
In a wide-ranging, free-wheeling interview with Democratic presidential
hopeful John Edwards with ABC News Friday afternoon, the former North Carolina
senator labeled "ridiculous" comments made by the Obama campaign that seemed to link former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination to Sen.
Hillary Clinton's vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq... (ABC News).
Obama's naiveté on foreign policy makes him a very scary candidate. America simply cannot afford to have someone so clueless running our country.

UPDATE: Even liberal General Wesley Clark has attacked Obama on his Bhutto position!

Obama, Hillary and Bhutto

Someone in the Obama campaign recently indirectly held Hillary responsible for the murder of Benazir Bhutto because of Hillary's support for the war in Iraq and her toleration of Pakistani president Musharraf. Since Obama has not distanced himself from the remark, I can only assume it is his position.

The idea that Hillary can be connected in any way, however remotely, to the death of Bhutto is outlandishly ludicrous, but it illustrates how dangerously naive Barack Obama is when it comes to foreign policy. This point is very well argued by Brayn on Hot Air. Please take time to read his article.

Bhutto and the real Pakistan

In the National Review yesterday, Andrew McCarthy (Center for Law & Counterterrorism) provides an insightful view into the assassination of Bhutto and what is really going on in Pakistan. Excerpts appear below but please take the time to read the entire article at National Review Online.

A recent CNN poll showed that 46 percent of Pakistanis approve of Osama bin Laden.

President George Bush, the face of a campaign to bring democracy…registered nine percent. Nine!

There is the Pakistan of our fantasy…In the fantasy, Bhutto, an attractive, American-educated socialist whose prominent family made common cause with Soviets and whose tenures were rife with corruption, was somehow the second
coming of James Madison.

Then there is the real Pakistan: an enemy of the United States and the West.

The real Pakistan is a breeding ground of Islamic holy war…

The real Pakistan is a place where the intelligence services are salted with Islamic fundamentalists

The real Pakistan…is more likely to be a jihadist nuclear power than a Western-style democracy.

In that real Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto’s murder is not shocking…it was a matter of when, not if.

It is the new way of warfare to proclaim that our quarrel is never with the heroic, struggling people of fill-in-the-blank country. No, we, of course, fight only the regime that oppresses them and frustrates their unquestionable desire for freedom and equality.

Pakistan just won’t cooperate with this noble narrative.…in Pakistan, our quarrel is with the people. Their struggle, literally, is jihad. For them, freedom would mean institutionalizing the tyranny of Islamic fundamentalism.

In Pakistan, it is the regime that propounds Western values…The regime, unreliable
and at times infuriating, is our only friend. It is the only segment of Pakistani society capable of confronting militant Islam…

…placing democratization at the top of our foreign policy priorities is high-order folly.

Popular elections have not reformed Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon. Neither will they reform a place where Osama bin Laden wins popular opinion
polls and where the would-be reformers are bombed and shot at until they die.

...we should at least stop fooling ourselves. Jihadists are not going to be wished
away…or democratized out of existence. If you really want democracy and the rule
of law in places like Pakistan, you need to kill the jihadists first. Or they’ll kill you, just like, today, they killed Benazir Bhutto.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto--other perspectives

Benazir Bhutto certainly did not deserve to be shot, but as you listen to all the eulogies about what a moderate and democratic Muslim she was, you might want to read here and here for different perspectives.

10 most corrupt politicians

Judicial Watch has just released its 2007 list of the 10 most corrupt politicians. In alphabetical order they are:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY)
Representative John Conyers (D-NY)
Senator Larry Craig (R-ID)
Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA)
Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY)
Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR)
Former V.P. chief of staff I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby
Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)
Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Senator Harry Reid (D-NY)

(Emphasis mine). See Judicial Watch to read the explanations.

Al Qaeda kills Bhutto?

According to Adnkronos International (AKI), a commander of Al Qaeda in Pakistan has claimed responsiblity for the killing of Benazir Bhutto (Jihad Watch, AKI).

A nuclear delimma

According to Fox News sources, Benazir Bhutto had recently sent a letter to Pakistani President Pervez Musharrif saying that elements of the Pakistani government were trying to kill her.

In the wake of her murder this morning, people on the street in Pakistan are (rightly or wrongly) reportedly blaming the Musharrif government for Bhutto's death. Some are burning his picture. Others are calling out, "Musharrif, killer!"

Bhutto was a pro-west supporter of Democracy. If the Musharrif government were responsible for Bhutto's death, it would illustrate the nightmare scenario facing our State Department. The "right" thing to do would be to cut off all support for the Musharrif government. Doing that, however, could presumably either hasten Musharrif's downfall or move him toward the Jihadist radicals. Even apart from what the U.S. does, Musharrif's government appears to be under serious fire this morning. Anyway you look at it, the control of Pakistan's nuclear weapons appears less secure this morning.

Coulter vs Huckabee

The last Democrate I voted for was "Christian" Jimmy Carter. I have regretted that vote ever since.

I like Mike Huckabee but the more he talks the more I start getting flashbacks to Jimmy Carter. I'm not saying that Huckabee is like Carter but Carter reminds me that being Christian does not guarantee that someone will do a good job as President. Ann Coulter wrote a column providing good reasons to pause before supporting Huckabee.

World Vision explosion

A story posted today on MNN reports that someone threw a hand grenade into the World Vision offices in Sri Lanka last week.

To attack an organization that provides food, shelter and medical care to the poor and homeless, is lower than the slime on a slug's underside.

World Vision is a Christian organization which, according to MNN,

has been working in the Asia-Pacific region for some time. Their staff was crucial in organizing a response following the tsunami, the landslides and now, helping with the Internally Displaced Persons fleeing the civil war.

This means sometimes advocating for and with children; in other places it is as simple as giving a child a satchel and some books and helping them go to school, or it might mean assisting families to help them stabilize against the backdrop of war.

Breaking: Benazir Bhutto dead

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been shot and killed this morning during a suicide bombing in Pakistan.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why pastors avoid the culture war

Doug Giles has some pretty harsh words for Christian ministers. I think his article is a call to prophetic ministry that all Christians--not just pastors--need to consider. Read 10 reasons why pastors avoid the culture war.

A gay man in a woman's body

Just when I think I’ve heard everything a story comes along to prove me wrong. Now there is a case in which a person is suing a Massachusetts community college for denying access to the men’s locker room.

The person claims to be a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. In other words, she is biologically female and is attracted to men (most people would call that normal), but she thinks she is really a gay man and wants to shower with the men!

I wonder how the men's wives and girlfriends would feel about this? I also wonder how many high school and college men would gladly claim to be lesbians if it would get them into the woman’s locker room?

Read the story at One News Now.

Shut up, white boy!

Can you imagine if this had been a white person yelling, "shut up black boy!" Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and every media outlet in the country would have been all over it!

I would be inclinded to take people like Sharpton and Jackson a bit more serioiusly if they expressed their anger against all racism, not just racism directed against them. Racism is despicable regardless of who is fomenting it.

A short history of slavery

The recent Jihad Watch post entitled "Hitchens simply cannot be this stupid" provides a short history of slavery. It is very enlightening. Please find time to read it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Muhammad and Jesus

Most non-Muslims don’t realize that Muhammad had a lot to say about Jesus. According to Muhammad, Jesus’ mother Mary was a virgin who was told by angels that the son she would have would be known as Christ Jesus and that he would speak to men even as an infant from his cradle. Muhammad taught that Jesus would grow up to be a righteous prophet and a man of great honor.

Muhammad said that God strengthened Jesus with holy inspiration, revelation, and with the “holy spirit.” Jesus was empowered not only to heal the blind and those who were lepers, but even to raise the dead! Muhammad also calls Jesus a Word from God and says Jesus was a “Spirit proceeding from” God (Qur’an, Suras 2:87, 253; 3:39-49; 4:171; 5:110; 6:84-85).

This creates an interesting dilemma. Muhammad never claimed to be anything other than an ordinary man who was God’s prophet. He never healed the sick. He never raised the dead. In fact, Muhammad never really did any miracles. He died of natural causes and remained dead. Even his story about ascending to heaven after meeting Jesus, Abraham and Moses in Jerusalem was somewhat contradicted by his own wives who said Muhammad had a dream or vision but that he never went anywhere that night!

On the other hand, by Muhammad’s own testimony, Jesus did amazing miracles and even raised the dead! Muhammad not only called Jesus a righteous prophet whom God had endowed with inspiration and revelation, but Muhammad also said Jesus was a spirit proceeding from God; even the Word of God born of a virgin! (One Muslim apologist tried to explain the “spirit proceeding from God” by saying that this expression was used of others beside Jesus. The verses he cited from the Qur’an, however, all related to the idea that God breathed his spirit of life into the first man. None of them said anything about someone being a spirit proceeding from God. There is a huge difference).

Although Muhammad taught that he (Muhammad) was the last and greatest prophet, what he taught about Jesus sounds like Jesus was much greater than Muhammad! To think of Jesus as a Word proceeding from God Himself, is the same kind of language the Gospel of John uses to argue for Jesus deity when it says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” In the Gospel of Matthew, the claim that Jesus was born of a virgin leads to the author’s calling Jesus, “Immanuel,” meaning “God with us.”

But although Muhammad had great respect for Jesus, he adamantly denied Jesus’ deity. Why would someone who taught that Jesus was born of a virgin, was inspired by God, did amazing miracles, raised the dead and was a Word or Spirit proceeding from God; and who believed the Gospel (Injil) was sacred—stop just short of proclaiming the Gospels’ teaching on Jesus’ deity?

The answer comes from Muhammad’s strong advocacy of monotheism (the idea that there is just one God). Muhammad and his followers had been persecuted by the tribes of Mecca for his unflinching opposition to their polytheism (the idea that there are many gods). In Muhammad’s day there were people who called themselves Christian but who had actually mixed Gnosticism in with their brand of Christianity. The Gnostics were essentially polytheists who believe in multiple levels of gods and goddesses.

These Gnostic “Christians” taught that there were at least three “Christian” Gods: God the Father, God the Mother and God the Son (See for example, the Gospel of the Egyptians and the Gospel of the Hebrews). The idea that there were three Gods (like the three goddesses of Mecca), or that God the Father would have sex with God the mother and produce God the son, was rightfully repugnant to Muhammad and he rejected that teaching.

There are numerous examples in the Qur’an in which Muhammad had interacted with these Gnostic “Christian” ideas but unfortunately, Muhammad does not seem to have been aware that genuine Christianity had also rejected the polytheism of these Gnostic pseudo-Christians. Genuine Christians were (and are) staunch monotheists who believe there is one and only one God who exists eternally as Father, Son and Spirit.

While modern Muslims may think the idea of one God existing in three persons is contradictory and charge Christians with being polytheists, their criticism is no more valid than charging modern physicists with contradiction for their belief that light is simultaneously particle and wave at the same time (no, not waves of particles). In fact, the charge is no more valid than if Christians were to charge Muhammad with being a polytheist for his mention of the “holy spirit” and for believing that Jesus is a word or spirit proceeding from God.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hillary's Sunday School teacher

Yesterday Hillary Clinton’s old Sunday School teacher happened to be in a crowd where Hillary was speaking. The Sunday School teacher spoke up and asked Hillary if she was a Christian.

This morning TV pundits were wondering whether the question was another plant. I think a more important question is how Hillary defines “Christian.” My question is not an attack against Hillary but rather an acknowledgement that much of what has been called “Christian” down through the ages would be completely unrecognizable to Jesus, his apostles and the early church.

Many political and religious leaders have oppressed, enslaved and slaughtered others in the name of Christ, purely out of their own greed and lust for power. They were no more Christian than Muhammad.

On the other hand, there are today many religious people who call themselves Christian but who have denied virtually every historic tenet of the Christian faith. Take Marcus Borg, of the Jesus’ Seminar for example. Borg denies:

1) that there is a personal God
2) that Jesus was born of a virgin
3) that Jesus was the Christ or ever thought of himself that way
4) that Jesus was in any sense God or ever thought of himself that way
5) that Jesus died as an atoning sacrifice for our sins or
6) that Jesus physically rose from the dead.

All of these are things that the Bible teaches and that Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, have affirmed since earliest times, and yet Borg denies all of them and still wants to call himself a Christian! That’s like someone denying that Muhammad was a prophet and still wanting to be called a Muslim! Unfortunately, Borg is not an isolated example. Many in mainline churches believe very much like Borg.

Borg would no doubt argue that Christianity has evolved in these enlightened times. What Borg and his religious-scholar colleagues would call “enlightened,” however, really just came from a relatively small group of white, Eurocentric, elitist academics pontificating about how “modern man” can no longer believe (all evidence to the contrary) in miracles or divine intervention.

So what does it really mean to be a Christian? The best explanation comes (not surprisingly) from Jesus and the Apostle Paul. In his letter to the Romans Paul begins by saying that God has made himself known to everyone, but rather than worshiping and giving thanks to their Creator, people rejected what they knew of God and chose to worship created things instead.

In what Paul calls, "the wrath of God," Paul says that God, therefore, "gave them up" (Paul emphasizes this by repeating it three times)! God "gave them up" to go their own way and do their own thing. Paul says that people became filled with lust, envy, evil, deceit, strife, malice, and murder. He says they became faithless, heartless and ruthless.

One scholar characterized this as God giving humanity just what we wanted (to do our own thing--like the Frank Sanatra song, "I did it my way") and allowing us to reap the consequences —stewing in our own juices, so to speak. This scholar said that it was probably the worst thing God could have done to us. The history of man’s inhumanity to man would seem to support his interpretation.

Ah, but you may think, that’s not me! I’m not a heartless, ruthless murderer!

Maybe not, but Paul continues by insisting that we all do the same things. In other words, we are all guilty of envy, lust, strife, malice, deceit, gossip, lack of faith, etc. All of us have failed to give our Creator the worship and thanks He deserves. We have all rebelled against God’s law. We have all contributed to other people’s pain through our words or actions. In other words, we have all contributed in some way to this horrible “stew.”

Paul then goes on to address the religious teachers: Those who pride themselves in knowing God’s Word and think they are guides to those who are in spiritual darkness. Paul says that we fail to keep the very law of God that we proclaim! We don’t practice what we preach and we fall under God’s condemnation just as much as anyone else.

Maybe even more than anyone else. Jesus, for example, absolutely lambasted self-righteous religious leaders, calling them hypocrites, blind guides, fools, whitewashed tombs, vipers and even children of hell (Matthew 23)!

Anyway, Paul concludes the first section of this letter to the Romans by saying that there are really no truly righteous people at all—not one! He says that all people have turned away from God and the whole world will be held accountable to God. Then, as if to drive the nail in the coffin, Paul adds that there is absolutely nothing we can do to make it right! (Romans 1:18-3:20).

I was explaining the progression of Paul’s thought to someone one time when at this point he suddenly burst out exclaiming, “Well how can anyone be saved then?”

It was a great question. I suspect that was exactly the effect that Paul was going for because he answers the question in the very next verses. Paul says that although "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," we can be justified (declared “right” before God) by faith in Jesus Christ whom God gave as an atoning sacrifice for our sin. Paul says there is nothing we can do to earn this gift. It is God’s free gift of grace through faith in Jesus alone (Romans 3:21-28; 5:1; 6:23).

Paul originally wrote his letter to the Romans in the Greek language and in ancient Greek the words “believe” and “faith” are derived from the same root, and like all words, they have a range of meaning. Depending on the context, “believe” or “faith” could simply mean accepting something as true; like, “I believe that the Pyramids of Egypt exist.”

Although this intellectual aspect is part of what it means to have faith in Jesus, there is more to it than that. In the New Testament letter of James, the writer says that even the demons “believe,” but they tremble! James’ point seems to be that demons believe that God exists but that kind of faith doesn’t save them from judgment.

I think one of the best illustrations of true, biblical saving faith comes from a story in the life of Jesus. According to the Gospel of Luke, Jesus had accepted an invitation to eat at the home of one of the religious leaders. While they were eating, a woman who was characterized as a “sinner” (probably a prostitute) came in weeping and began anointing Jesus’ feet with oil and wiping them with her hair.

The religious leaders at the table were disgusted that Jesus would even allow such a woman to touch him. Jesus reminded his host that when Jesus came to his house, the religious leader had not even extended the basic common courtesies to Jesus, like the middle-east custom of a kiss on the cheek. Jesus referred to the woman and said “her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much.” He then turned to the woman and said, “Your sins are forgiven…your faith has saved you. Go in peace” (Luke 7:36-50).

The moral of the story seems to be that genuine saving faith is NOT like that of the self-righteous, religious leaders but rather like that of this woman who comes to Jesus, broken in sorrow over her sins, and turns to him in sincere loving devotion. Jesus calls that heart of repentance & loving devotion “faith.”

Saving faith—the kind that makes someone a genuine Christian—is not about just believing certain facts about Jesus (but if the facts about Jesus are not true, all the faith in the world won’t save us from anything). Saving faith is a change of heart. It involves a sincere, sorrowful, repentance for one’s sin and a turning in sincere loving devotion to Jesus who forgives sin.

Of course, anyone who is sincerely and lovingly devoted to Jesus will also sincerely desire to obey his teachings. Paul makes this point forcefully in Romans 6:1-23. Of course, Christians may sometimes fail miserably (a point I believe Paul makes in Romans 7), but when we do fail, we repent and continue striving to obey our Lord, not in order to get saved, (nothing we do will earn a right standing before God) but because of our love for the One who died for us.

When asked if she was a Christian, Hillary answered yes. I sincerely hope she means that in the New Testament sense described above.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tax funded Islam at Normandale

Yet another story of Islam sponsored by your tax dollars, this time at Normandale Community College in Minnesota. Do you suppose the ACLU, People for the American Way or Americans United for the Separation of Church and State will protest?

I wouldn't hold my breath.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Richard Dawkins and Antony Flew

In his new book, There is a God; How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind, Antony Flew comments,

In his book, The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins propounds my old position that Einstein was an atheist. In doing so, Dawkins ignores Einstein’s categorical statement above that he was neither an atheist nor a pantheist. This is puzzling
because Dawkins cites [Einstein’s friend, Max] Jammer on occasion, but leaves out numerous statements by Jammer and Einstein that are fatal to his own case. Jammer observes, for instance, that Einstein always protested against being regarded as an atheist.’ (99-100).

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Qur'an 9:30-49

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an, Sura 9:30-49 is now available on Hot Air.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rick Warren on Syria

Joseph Farah of WorldNewDaily takes Rick Warren to task for his support of Syria. I must admit that I find it a bit incomprehensible that Rick Warren would be so undiscerning on this issue. Read the article.

Qur'an 9:29 part 2

I finally got around to posting Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an, Sura 9:29 part 2.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Hero: Hassan Askari

Walter Adler and three of his friends were riding a New York subway when someone wished them a Merry Christmas. Walter and his friends, who are Jewish, responded by saying "Happy Hanukkah." At that, the one who wished Merry Christmas and about nine other racist thugs begin beating the Jews, calling them Christ killers and other names.

Everyone on the subway just sat back and watched the beating, not wanting to get involved---Everyone, that is, except one man: Hassan Askari, a Muslim from Bangladesh. Hassan jumped into the fight, risking own his neck, to help defend the four Jews! (New York Post)

Most people don't realize that while Jesus never celebrated Christmas as a holiday, he did celebrate Hanukkah (John 10:22-23)! I doubt that this knowledge would have mattered to the thugs.

Anwyay, kudos to Hassan! He is a genuine Hero!

Condi's anti-semitism

I must admit I was once a big fan of Condoleezza Rice. In fact, at one time on this blog I expressed my sincere hope that she would run for President. I was wrong.

Rice recently compared the plight of Palestinians to American blacks in the 60's. That's strange, I don't recall black people in the 60's sending suicide bombers to slaugher innocent people. In fact, one of the hallmarks of Martin Luther King's civil rights movement was its peaceful civil disobedience.
Needless to say, the fact that American blacks were victims of violence and
hate, while Palestinians are its proficient practitioners, seems to have escaped
the secretary of state's attention.

Moreover, Rice's comparison between Israeli security measures and America's
Jim Crow laws is both intellectually dishonest and morally obscene.

There is no similarity whatsoever between Israel establishing a checkpoint
aimed at catching Palestinian suicide bombers and the state of Georgia's 1960s
era prohibition against serving blacks and whites in the same restaurant (Jerusalem Post, JihadWatch).
Rice's statements are insulting both to Israelis and to African-Americans. I think the President needs to ask her to resign.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Breaking: Six kids shot in Las Vegas

Fox News just reported that six kids have just been shot while coming off a bus in Las Vegas.

According to USA Today, "Los Vegas police say six young people in junior high or high school were shot after they got off a school bus early this afternoon."

For more information see Fox5 News Las Vegas. The AP is reporting:

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Six junior high or high school students were shot Tuesday
after they got off a school bus, and two were critically hurt, police said. Gunshots rang out in northeast Las Vegas just before 2 p.m., Officer Bill Cassell said.
Six young people were transported to area hospitals. Four had minor gunshot injuries and two were in critical condition, Cassell said.

At least two people are believed to have taken part in the shootings,
he said. Police were not saying whether the shooting suspects were on foot or in
a vehicle.

Cowardice is killing freedom of speech

The more cowards like this MSNBC analyst let fear keep them from speaking out, the more we can kiss our freedom of speech goodby. Yet I suspect that cowardice is at least in part behind the fact that so many Leftists feel free to vent their vitriol against conservative Christians who, for example, may legally protest an art display defaming Jesus; while the same Leftists are so remarkably tolerant of radical Muslims who call for the murder of those who disrespect Muhammad.

It is only natural that someone would be afraid to speak out, but if they are part of the media and they let fear keep them from speaking out, they need to find other employment and let more courageous journalists fill their positions.

By contrast, see Michelle Malkin's blog today. Now that's courage :-)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jeanne Assam: American hero has a moment by moment account of the final shootout between the gunman and the security guard at New Life Church. A combat veteran who was there said what Jeannie Assam, the security guard did was "the bravest thing he's ever seen." The story sounds like something right out of the movies.

She saved 100 lives!

According to an article on MSNBC, the same shooter killed Christians in YWAM and the New Life Church. The article says he hated Christians (ya think?). The gunman apparenlty had a lot of fire power and knew how to use it (someone speculated that he may have been in the military). The pastor of New Life Church thinks the female security guard who shot the gunman may have saved as many as a hundred lives. This woman is a genuine hero.

UPDATE: According to Shepherd Smith on Fox, evidence shows that the shooter at New Life Church was the same as the shooter at YWAM. He had once been kicked out of YWAM and had been sending hate mail to them. A woman at YWAM was trying to tell him where he could find shelter when he killed her.

When the shooting at New Life began, everyone ran away except the woman security guard. She ran toward the shooting. She identified herself and when he wouldn't stop, she "put him down."

Police discovered that the killer had over 1,000 rounds of amunition in his backpack! Like I said, the woman security guard is a hero. She may have saved many more than just 100 lives. We can only shudder at what might have happened had it not been for the fact that this brave woman was armed.

UPDATE: The security guard, Jeanne Assam is a Christian and a former Minneapolis police officer. See The Denver Channel for more info.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

News video from YWAM and New Life shootings

This is a news report aired earlier today with video from both the YWAM and New Life shootings.

Youth with a Mission shooting

The Arvada Police Department just concluded a news conference regarding the shooting at Youth with a Mission. They are coordinating with the Colorado Springs Police Department to determine whether there is a connection between the shootings.

The gunman showed up at YWAM after midnight. A conversation occurred somewhere in the facility before the shooting occurrec. Police responded within one minute of the call. After several hours of searching they were unable to find the suspect. The police will continue to process the crime scene and will follow up with the living victims.

Two of the victims are still in the hospital. They other two, Tiffany Johnson and Philip Kraus (sp?) are dead.

The suspect is a white male in his 20's, wearing a dark jacket, beenie, beard, and glasses. Police are working with a sketch artist.

UPDATE: CNN just reported that Tiffany Johnson is from Minnesota and that she is the one who spoke with the gunman saying he couldn't stay there.

UPDATE: YWAM forgives after the shootings

Youth with a Mission shooting

According to recent reports, the gunman who shot four people at Youth With a Mission (YWAM) was looking for a place to stay. The reporters at Fox News seem to be confusing YWAM mission with a homeless mission. The YWAM mission center is a training center, more like a college dorm than a homeless mission.

The administrators of YWAM could no more allow a random passerby to stay in the dorms at the YWAM training center than a state college would allow homeless people to stay in their dorms.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mike Huckabee responds to evolution question

Freedom of Choice

In America we do not have the freedom to choose:

· To resist arrest
· To slander or libel
· To be cruel to animals
· To shoplift or vandalize
· To hunt or fish out of season
· To urinate or have sex in public
· To beat your spouse or children
· To yell “fire” in a crowded theater
· To take knitting needles on a plane
· To block access to an abortion clinic
· To own a Lion or wolf without permit
· To promote religion in a public school
· To murder, kidnap, rape, rob or torture
· To drive an overweight truck on the freeway
· To ignore traffic lights or to drive while intoxicated
· To drive with inoperative brake lights or turn signals
· To ride a motorcycle without a helmet (some states)
· To discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, etc.
· To build on to your own home without a building permit
· To promote dog or allow your Doberman or Pit Bull to run free
· To exceed the speed limit or drive without wearing your seatbelt
· To carry a gun without a license or use a gun to defend your own family (in some places)
· To take prescription painkillers or other prescription medications without a prescription
· To take cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, or other illegal drugs
· To take your own life

How can anyone be so stupid as to believe the propaganda that “freedom of choice” is a valid reason for the ending of human life in the womb?

Discrimination at Target

Debbie Schlussel just wrote a post about how Target bends over backwards to accommodate the religious beliefs of their Muslim employee’s, but that they recently fired a Christian employee for exercising his religious beliefs.

I think Target should be able to fire, or refuse to hire Muslim or Christian employees who will not or cannot do the job, but to accommodate Muslims while refusing to accommodate Christians, smacks of anti-Christian bigotry. Unfortunately, this anti-Christian discrimination seems to be a growing trend.

For example, while organizations like the ACLU have expended millions enforcing their flawed view of church-state separation, they seem to be turning a blind eye when it comes to the public funding of Islam, for example, at Savannah State or the University of Michigan.

While radical gay-lesbian advocates want to institute hate crimes laws to silence any opposition to their agenda, they apparently have no problem with the sick, anti-Christian “hate-speech” displayed in events like the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

While anti-Christian groups won their battle to keep Christian prayer out of public schools, they seem remarkably silent now that some schools are allowing Muslim prayer in public school.

While a Christian student was threatened with disciplinary action just for reading her Bible during lunch time, other schools in Oregon, Ohio, and California appear to be actively promoting Islam.

While the American Library Association screams bloody murder about any attempt by a misguided Christian to remove a book from a library, the ALA turns a blind eye when a librarian nearly looses his job for recommending a Christian book or when a teachers are forbidden to tell students about a Christian book located in their in the library!

It almost seems that in the eyes of the Left, hate speech and discrimination are terrible sins, unless committed against Christians.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

AIDS, HIV and IV drug use

In a recent article, Robert Knight asks why the media never asks some of the following questions of "the professional HIV/AIDS lobby, which grows ever fatter while the human tragedy rises":
  • Federal funding for HIV/AIDS has increased dramatically every year since 1993, yet the number of new infections has not declined. Why do we spend more money every year on prevention programs that have failed to prevent new infections?
  • Why do billions of dollars continue to flow to organizations and programs that have been a colossal failure by any yardstick?
  • Why does the government spend far more on AIDS than cancer or heart disease, which each kill more than 10 times more people annually in the U.S.?
  • With CDC statistics showing that HIV/AIDS in the United States is still astronomically higher among men who have sex with men (MSM), why are AIDS officials getting away with saying all Americans are equally at risk?
  • Why have most of the media ignored studies, such as one in the American Journal of Public Health in June 2003 about a program among African-American female adolescents that reported that "17.8 percent of the adolescents acquired an STD despite 100 percent condom use."

Knight goes on to point out that:

  • "Between 2001 and 2006, MSM sexual contact was the most common mode of transmission reported among newly reported AIDS cases."
  • "Between 2001 and 2006 among persons living with AIDS, the highest number of cases was consistently among those attributed to MSM sexual contact, followed by heterosexual contact and IDU [injection drug users]."
  • "Males made up greater than 70% of all cases living with AIDS, consistent with national trends."

Knight says that “A draft report for the UN's AIDS agency has found that even when people use condoms consistently, the failure rate for protection against HIV is an estimated 10 percent…One would think a 10 percent failure rate against a 100 percent fatal disease would continue to make news, but the stat has disappeared into a media black hole.”

Knight says that “All three leading Democratic presidential candidates have pledged to increase federal money for needle giveaway programs.” But Knight then points out that while Vancouver, Canada has the largest needle exchange program in the Western Hemisphere, the incidence of HIV among IV drug users has risen from 2% to 40%, the “highest HIV infection rate of any city in the developed world.”

Just another bright idea from your friends on the Left. These drug users should find a way to sue the government for facilitating and enabling their drug dependence.

The government is already taking billions of our tax dollars for programs that are not working.
The Democrats want to take even more of your tax dollars to expand these programs that aren’t working. And our politically correct media just continue to ignore the story.

The article concludes, “The main question should be: Why are we throwing billions of dollars at the same old approaches? It can't be "compassion," because it's not working.”

Good question. Please read the entire article at One News Now.

Monday, December 03, 2007


“Warfare against non-Muslims living outside the abode of Islam was not only permitted but was a communal duty (fard al-kifaya). The ultimate objective of all warfare was to incorporate the entire world into the abode of Islam, and until this objective was achieved (if it would ever be), Muslims were duty bound to engage in warfare whenever there was a reasonable prospect of success...When the prospects of success were poor and the interests of the Muslim community were likely to be jeopardized rather than served by war, it was acceptable for the Muslim government to establish treaties of peace with non-Muslim powers. Such treaties were always to be regarded at temporary, however, since peace could in principle never be permanent until the abode of Islam encompassed the entire world” (Weiss, Bernard G. The Spirit of Islamic Law, 2006, 150).

Do our politicians understand this when they are negotiating with Muslim countries? Do “peaceful” or “moderate” Muslims in America disagree with this principle?

Huckabee moving up

Huckabee has been leading the GOP pack in Iowa but according to the most recent Rasmussen Poll, Huckabee has moved up to the #2 position nationally, only 3 points behind Giuliani (Free Republic)

Giuliani 20%
Huckabee 17%
Thompson 14%
McCain 13%
Romney 11%
Paul 7%

Global Warming: Worse than you thought!

See the complete list of things caused by global warming (hat tip: John W.).

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Qur'an 9:29

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an, Sura 9:29 is now available on Hot Air.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Republican and Democrat mental health

According to a new Gallup Poll, "Republicans are significantly more likely than Democrats or independents to rate their mental health as excellent." At least one radio pundit has long suggested that Leftist thinking is a mental illness. I guess this supports his contention :-)

Someone else on the radio, however, suggested that people who are mentally ill don't always know they are mentally ill and that Republicans are just more deluded about the poor state of their own mental health.

If we had a poll about which of these options seems more likely, my guess is that it would come out pretty much along party lines. Still, the poll does indicate that Republicans generally feel better about their mental health than Democrats. Why is that?

Hillary's communist connection?

According to a recent New York Sun article, Hillary Clinton once worked for one of America's most radical law firms:
One partner at the firm, Doris Walker, was a Communist Party member at the
time. Another partner, Robert Treuhaft, had left the party in 1958, several
years after being called before the House Un-American Activities Committee and
labeled as one of America's most "dangerously subversive" lawyers. The
Oakland-based firm was renowned for taking clients others rejected as too
controversial, including Communists, draft resisters, and members of the
African-American militant group known as the Black Panthers.

This was a long time ago and probably wouldn't mean much, except that I've often thought that Hillary's plans for America sounded strangely reminiscent of Communism.

The teddy bear named Muhammad

Some estimates now place the number of Sudaneese protesters as high as 10,000 (See yesterday's post). We need to remember that this teacher was not someone who was trying to defame Muhammad. She was teaching her students about democracy. It was her Muslim students who voted overwhelmingly to name their teddy bear Muhammad. So 10,000 people take to the streets calling for this teacher's death!

This is not an isolated incident. We have seen other massive, irrational demonstrations in numerous Muslim countries, for example, the worldwide violent protests over the Danish cartoons, or like when Palestinian Muslims came out in droves to celebrate the slaughter of 3,000 innocent people (including innocent Muslims!) in the Twin Tower Attack.

The problem is that many Democrats and Republicans seem to assume that when we negotiate with Middle Eastern Muslims we are dealing with people who think like we do. That assumption may get us killed.

We need a president who understands this and will take this threat seriously. I'm not sure President Bush gets it (his State Department doesn't) and I'm quite sure that none of the Democratic candidates get it.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Death to the teacher

I guess imprisonment or beating of a teacher is not enough for some Sudaneese Muslims. According to the New York Times:
Hundreds of demonstrators in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, poured into the streets on Friday demanding the execution of a British teacher who was convicted of insulting Islam because her class of 7-year-olds named a teddy bear Muhammad.
I'm surprised they aren't calling for the execution of the children too! I don't recall hearing anything about Sudaneese concern over the fact that Sudaneese Muslims have kidnapped, raped, tortured or slaughtered millions of Christians. But name a teddy bear Muhammad and they are in the streets!

Many American Leftists seem to think we can deal with Muslim radicals like normal people. We are not dealing with a normal, or even sane, culture.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NOW and woman beating

A British, female teacher in Sudan has been arrested and may face 99 lashes for allowing her grade school students to name a cute little teddy bear, Muhammad.

For anyone who follows Islamic radicalism, this is really not much of a surprise. What is surprising, however is that according to Fox News, the National Organization for [Leftist] Women was asked about this, and they refused to take a stand! That's right. The National Organization for Women refused to take a stand against the sensless beating of a woman!

What is most surprising, however, is that some American women actually continue to support this organization.

Huckabee on top!

The lastest Rasmussen Poll now puts Huckabee ahead of all other Republican candidates in Iowa! (Des Moines Register)


Have you seen the bank commercial in which the bank manager says to his customers something like, “I am your bank manager. This is a holdup. Get on the floor.” One customer turns to another and asks, “What did he say?” The bank manager then yells, “GET ON THE FLOOR!” The point is about how your bank robs you with all their fees.

This commercial came to mind this evening as I was watching the Democratic candidates discussing their plan for robbing Americans to pay for universal health care (well, OK, I guess they didn’t exactly put it that way).

It made me think about social security. For decades the government has robbed me of literally hundreds of dollars every single month for social security that I may never receive. If I could have put all that money into a retirement program or life insurance policy I’m quite sure I would have had enough by now to retire early. Yet, thanks to our government I may never be able to retire.

When the government still hasn’t figured out how to keep the social security system solvent, why on earth would we trust them to take even more of our money for universal health care? If they’re going to take more of our money anyway shouldn’t they first fix the entitlement programs they now have before they start new programs? And what makes us think that they would do any better with government health care than Britain or Canada whose citizens often wait for months for health care?

If you think the government has spent your money well on social security, public housing, VA hospitals, Hurricane Katrina, needle exchange programs, pork barrel projects, etc. then vote Democrat in 2008.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moderate Muslims

We hear a lot about moderate Muslims these days but no one ever bothers to define what they mean by a “moderate Muslim.” For example, if a Muslim supports the implementation of Sharia law in America should they be considered a moderate Muslim even if they don’t actively support terrorism?

I would suggest that, at minimum, no Muslim should be considered “moderate” who cannot wholeheartedly:

· Support freedom of speech; even freedom to criticize Muhammad, the Qur’an and Islam.

· Support freedom of religion; including the freedom to change religions.

· Denounce violent jihad, i.e. the spreading of Islam through violent means.

· Denounce dhimmitude, i.e. the relegation of non-Muslims to second-class status.

· Denounce the teaching that allows men to have and to beat multiple wives.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Qur'an 9:14-28

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an, Sura 9:14-28 is now available on Hot Air.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

S.F. Chronicle's sneaky censorship

At one time the Left was at the forefront in the fight against censorship. Now some are apparently at the forefront of practicing it. See LGF on the San Francisco Chronicle.

Muslim tolerance and Western imperialism

In Onward Muslim Soldiers, Robert Spencer documents and describes the centuries of suffering of those who lived as non-Muslims under Muslim rule. He says that the idea that Muslim rule in Spain and elsewhere was a model of peace and tolerance is a relatively modern myth.

After World War I Western colonial powers, especially England and France, controlled a significant part of the Muslim world including North Africa, the Middle East. If Americans and Europeans had known how poorly non-Muslims fared under Muslim rule there may have been a backlash against Western economic interests in Muslim lands. The myth of Islamic tolerance, therefore, grew up in an environment in which politicians and businessmen were much more concerned about protecting their own oil/economic interests than protecting the rights of minority groups like Jews and Christians who lived as dhimmis (Spencer, Onward Muslim Soldiers. Washington DC. : Regnery, 2003, 194).

I don’t know if Spencer is correct or not but if he is it would be an incredible irony: Leftists who love to attack Western “imperialism” have swallowed, hook, line, and sinker, the myth of Islamic tolerance perpetuated precisely by "Western imperialists"!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Church donates 1 million dollars

Fountain Baptist Church in New York City has raised 1 million dollars for Hurricane Katrina victims. This appears to be the second largest amount raised by a single church. The first was a church in Los Angeles which raised 3 million for earthquake victims in El Salvador in 2001. You can read the story in AP.

Democrats: Party of the rich?

"The party that identifies itself as home to labor unions and middle-class families might be in for a wake-up call. A recent report from The Heritage Foundation says that the Democratic Party is the new "party of the rich."

"A review of Internal Revenue Service data conducted by Michael Franc, vice president of government relations at Heritage — a conservative think-tank — found that Democrats control the majority of the country's wealthiest congressional jurisdictions, and that more than half of the most affluent households are located in the 18 states where Democrats control both Senate seats" (Read the rest at FOX).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cemetery workers

There is a joke about George Bush and the Pope riding in a boat when the Pope falls overboard. George Bush jumps overboard and walks on the water to save the Pope’s life. The next day, the media headlines read, “Bush can’t swim.”

I heard about this headline on Fox & Friends this morning.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Scary Democrats

In America, here are your Democratic presidential candidates, Dennis Prager analyzes statements made during a recent Democratic debate. It's scary.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Atheism and monkeys

Anthony Flew is a world renowned philosopher who has aggressively advocated atheism for more than 50 years. Recently he changed his mind. He says he is now convinced on the basis of reason alone that atheism is no longer a viable option. He has just published a new book entitled “There is a God; How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind” (He notes that the title was not his idea). In this book Flew says,

“I was particularly impressed with Gerry Schroeder’s point-by-point refutation of what I call the ‘monkey theorem.” This idea, which has been presented in a number of forms and variations, defends the possibility of life arising by chance using
the analogy of a multitude of monkeys banging away on computer keyboards and
eventually ending up writing a Shakespearean sonnet.”

Schroeder first referred to an experiment conducted by the British National Council of Arts. A computer was placed in a cage with six monkeys. After one month of hammering away at it (as well as using it as a bathroom!), the monkeys produced fifty pages—but not a single word. Schroeder noted that this was the case even though the shortest word in the English language is one letter (a or I). A is a word
only if there is a space on either side of it. If we take it that the keyboard
has thirty characters (the twenty-six letters and other symbols), then the
likelihood of getting a one-letter word is 30 times 30 times 30, which is
27,000. The likelihood of getting a one-letter word is one chance out of
27,000. (76-77)

Schroeder then calculates the probability of producing a Shakespearean sonnet. All sonnets are 14 lines long. The one he chose happened to have 488 letters in it. The chance that these monkeys would produce a sonnet like this by chance turns out to be a 1 followed by 690 zeros. If you wonder how big that is, Schroeder points out that the number of estimated particles (protons, electrons, neutrons) in the entire universe is only 1 followed by 80 zeros!.

Needless to say, the very simplest living cell is incalculably more complicated than a Shakespearean sonnet! Most of us simply don’t have enough faith to believe the universe originated without some kind of intelligent designer.

Qur'an 9:6-14

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an, Sura 9:6-14 is now available on Hot Air.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A nuclear Iran

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (“the UN’s nuclear watchdog”), “Iran has installed 3,000 centrifuges for enriching uranium - enough to begin industrial-scale production of nuclear fuel and build a warhead within a year.” (Guardian)

If the West has cards for a regime change in Iran, they had better play them soon because thinking sanctions will work in time is fantasy. On the other hand, “US generals are reported to have warned the White House that military action would trigger a devastating Iranian backlash in the Middle East and beyond.”

That may be true, but think of the consequences if the radicals ruling Iran are allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Those who think we can negotiate with them know nothing about Islam. These radicals do not want negotiation. They want to bring the world into submission to Islam by absolutely any means necessary. They negotiate only to gain time or the upper hand—this is a tradition that goes back to Muhammad himself.

I don’t think it is too melodramatic to suggest that allowing the current regime in Iran to have nuclear weapons will eventually change the course of human history as dramatically as if Adolf Hitler had had nuclear weapons.

Sometimes there are no easy choices. A backlash in the Middle East now is infinitely better than the “backlash” that will occur when Islamic radicals have WMD.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Driver's licenses for illegals

In the news tonight: While there is a big controversy in America about whether to provide drivers licenses to illegal aliens, there is no such controversy in Mexico. All of the states in Mexico require proof of legal residency in order to obtain a driver's license.

So while the Mexican government is pressuring the U.S. to provide drivers licenses to illegal Mexican immigrants, Mexico does not provide driver's licenses to illegals in their country.

Do you suppose there will be protests by the American Left over Mexico's policy? Don't count on it. The Left only seems to be interested in bashing America.

Rain in Georgia

The State of Georgia is in a serious drought condition, in fact, it is beyond serious. Even so, Georgia governor Sonny Perdue received a firestorm of criticism this week when he publicly led a group of people in prayer for rain.

It rained in Georgia today. Someone on TV tonight said the rain had not been forecasted.

19 potential terrorist attacks

Hugh Hewett provided a link to this article by James Carafano which lists 19 potential terrorist attacks against America which have been thwarted by the U.S. government since 9/11 (And these are just the ones we know about).

We love to criticize the government when it does something wrong but every American, Democrat and Republican, should be appreciative of the government's success in these cases.

10,000th attach, 60,000 dead

FrontPage magazine has an article on a new "milestone":
The establishment media is seemingly obsessed with “grim milestones” in the War
on Terror, as theAssociated Press reminds us this past weekend. But in the next week those same establishment media outlets will probably stand mute when yet another “grim milestone” is reached – the10,000th attack by Islamic terrorists and militants since 9/11, which is responsible for approximately 60,000 dead and 90,000 injured.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Iraq and nuclear weapons

According to a recent article, Saddam Hussein
told his American captors that he so feared Iran, he wanted Iranian leaders
to believe that he had nuclear and biological weapons. So he planned to fool the
U.S. by, among other things, stalling U.N. inspectors to make it appear he had
something to hide, weapons of mass destruction or WMD. But he hoped the
post-Gulf War sanctions on Iraq would dissolve, allowing him to pursue a nuclear

Fighting AIDS

World Vision is a Christian organization that provides aid to those in need. Accoring to Mission News Network,
Thousands of AIDS Caregiver kits are being assembled today in the state of
Washington. In one of the largest kit assemblies in the nation, over
$200,000 dollars is being raised for this campaign through World Vision.

If you'd like to help, click here.

Huckabee moving up

Recent polls now put Mike Huckabee number 2 in Iowa, ahead of Rudy Giuliani and just behind Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hillary and the media

In a New Republic article published yesterday, “Bunker Hillary; Clinton’s strategy for crushing the media,” Michael Crowley writes,
Reporters who have covered the hyper-vigilant campaign say that no detail or
editorial spin is too minor to draw a rebuke. Even seasoned political
journalists describe reporting on Hillary as a torturous experience. Though few
dare offer specifics for the record--"They're too smart," one furtively
confides. "They'll figure out who I am"--privately, they recount excruciating
battles to secure basic facts. Innocent queries are met with deep suspicion.
Only surgically precise questioning yields relevant answers. Hillary's aides
don't hesitate to use access as a blunt instrument, as when they killed off a
negative GQ story on the campaign by threatening to stop cooperating with a
separate Bill Clinton story the magazine had in the works. Reporters' jabs and
errors are long remembered, and no hour is too odd for an angry phone call.
Clinton aides are especially swift to bypass reporters and complain to top
editors. "They're frightening!" says one reporter who has covered Clinton. "They
don't see [reporting] as a healthy part of the process. They view this as a
ruthless kill-or-be-killed game."
Is this really the kind of person we want to run America?

Sex and neurochemistry

Is our sex-crazed culture messing up the neurochemistry of adolescents' brains? Dr. Gary Rose (MD) thinks so. Read the article at CNS News.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Qur'an 9:1-5

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an, Sura 9:1-5 is now available at Hot Air.

Leith Anderson's priorities

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) is the largest organization of Evangelicals America with about 60 denominations, 45,000 churches and 30 million members. Dr. Leith Anderson is the president of the NEA and the senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota which has about 5,000 attendees each weekend. Leith Anderson could carry a lot of political clout.

Recently one of the presidential candidates wanted schedule a meeting with Dr. Anderson, undoubtedly to capitalize on this clout. According to a report in OneNewsNow, Anderson bypassed the opportunity to meet with the candidate because, Anderson said, "I had a wedding or a funeral, I can't remember which… Anyway, I don't pre-empt a wedding or a funeral for a presidential candidate. Because I'm a pastor."

I think pastors should boldly preach on the social issues of our day when the Bible addresses these issues but a pastor's primary job should be ministry, not politics. Leith Anderson seems to be one pastor who has his priorities right.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hospitals in Africa

Recently a well known atheist published a book on "how religion poisons everything." On the other hand, according to a recent article:

The world’s largest medical missions conference opened Thursday, welcoming
an estimated 3,000 people interested in ministering through

Christians from throughout the world converged in Louisville, Ky., for the 12th Global Missions Health Conference to network, train and strategise on how to better carry out the Great Commission and recruit the next generation of healthcare missionaries.

“Considering that 40 percent of hospital beds in Africa are located in mission facilities, there is a tremendous need for medical missionaries to provide care in that HIV and war ravaged continent,” said Dr. David Stevens, CEO of Christian Medical & Dental Associations. (emphasis mine).

Think about that for a minute. If all Christians suddenly decided that this atheist author was right, and abandoned their faith and their ministries, rougnly 40% of the hospitals on an entire continent would shut down!

Polar Bears

This morning TV news reported the story of a deer running free in a Pennsylvania zoo. The deer jumped over a barrier and, after a long fall, landed right into the Polar Bears’ pool! The bears were unable to get to the deer before the zoo keepers intervened. Unfortunately, the deer had to be “euthanized” due to injuries sustained during the fall.

What a sad story. Even Polar Bears deserve an occasional snack.

Planting questions

Just recently FEMA was exposed for conducting a phony press conference. Hillary must have liked the idea because, according to this mornings' news reports, her aides were recently discovered planting questions among Iowa students and then pointing out to Hillary which students to call on.

I thought FEMA's phony press confernece was a disgrace. My position is the same regarding Hillary's planted questions. My question to Democrats who criticized FEMA is this: Are you willing to apply the same standard to Hillary?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Muslims against Sharia

K.M. at Muslims against Sharia responded to my post on CAIR and Hamas. K.M argues that Steven Emerson is “a Jew who gets it.” K.M. is concerned about appearing anti-Semitic but I’d like to point out that Orthodox Jewish talk show hosts like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved (whom I greatly respect) have made similar criticisms of liberal American Jewish leaders.

If I had written the article below, my Leftist critics would accuse me of being Islamophobic. But I have long said that conservative Christians have more in common with truly moderate Musims (as opposed to phony "moderates" like CAIR) than we do with most of our secular neighbors, especially our Leftist secular neighbors.

Anyway, the response from Muslims against Sharia was so good I asked for, and received permission to paste it below:

Emerson, a Jew who gets it
A perspective of a moderate Muslim.

At the risk of sounding anti-Semitic, I want to say this: either American Jews are completely clueless about the internal struggle inside Islam or they are so cowardly, that they are even afraid to voice their opinion. Or maybe it's a combination of both.

Every time there is a development that involves radical Islam, be it a Mayor of New York attending an Islamist parade, DOJ's officials attending an Islamist conference, or a protester being sued for having the balls to expose an Islamist-sponsored event at an amusement park, the American Jewish community is as quiet as a church mouse. It's like it is not even there.

The effect of this silence is devastating. Not for the Jewish community, not yet. That time is still to come. The silence affects the American Muslim community. Every time moderate Muslims are ignored and Islamists are legitimized (by either direct support from government representatives or silent support of the ADL), radicals gain ground. In the current PC climate, moderate Muslims have pretty much no choice but to keep their mouths shut.

Luckily for us, not everyone in the Jewish community is like that. There are some Jews that are speaking out. One of them is Steven Emerson, who has been warning the West about the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism since before PanAm 103. Most of his current work is focused on exposing the radicals masquerading as the moderates – those radicals who are embraced by the DOJ and the Pentagon, by the mayor of New York Bloomberg (Rudy would never get into bed with terrorist supporters) and the Treasury Department, by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security, by the Congress and the White House.

There is a war of ideas within Islam, and moderate Muslims are losing. Most of Muslim clergy and Muslim establishment are paid for by the Wahhabis. Moderate Muslims are being run out of Mosques and community centers, and in many cases are physically threatened. Moderate Muslims have no place in the media or public debate, because the place reserved for Muslims is filled by Islamic radicals, who attempt to make criticizing anything Islamic a taboo. According to the Islamists, a Muslim can do no wrong. 1. When a non-Muslim criticizes Islam or Muslims, he/she is an Islamophobe. 2. When a Muslim criticizes Islam or Muslim, he/she is not a real Muslim, therefore see #1.

This is a tactic used by "moderate" Muslims, the darlings of the government and the media. But how can you call someone who praises bin Laden, or has ties to Hamas, or calls for the elimination of Israel, or wants to replace the Constitution with the Koran a moderate? They are anything but moderates, however nobody except for a few people like Steven Emerson seems to notice that. But even when the Emersons of America appeal to the public, they are often being dismissed as alarmists and racists. Well, they are anything, but. You don't have to be a clairvoyant to predict the future when it comes to expansion of radical Islam and extinction of moderate Muslims. All you need to do is get your heads out of the sand.

Why our government is so forgiving and forgetful when it comes to individuals or organizations with known terrorist ties and anti-American views is beyond me. Why the Jewish leaders are so timid when it comes to the subject of radical Islam is incomprehensible.

I thank God every day for people like Steven Emerson, because they are the last glimmer of hope for moderate Muslims.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

The global warming scam

John Coleman, lifetime meterologist and founder of the Weather Channel weighs in on global warming on ICECAP:

It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly
offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with
environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to
create an allusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same
environmental whacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the
“research” to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims.
Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the
movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus.

Environmental extremists, notable politicians among them, then teamed up with movie, media and other liberal, environmentalist journalists to create this wild “scientific” scenario of the civilization threatening environmental consequences from Global Warming unless we adhere to their radical agenda. Now their ridiculous
manipulated science has been accepted as fact and become a cornerstone issue for
CNN, CBS, NBC, the Democratic Political Party, the Governor of California,
school teachers and, in many cases, well informed but very gullible
environmentally conscientious citizens. Only one reporter at ABC has been
allowed to counter the Global Warming frenzy with one 15 minute documentary

Pakistan in crisis

The situation is not good in Pakistan. According to MNN:
Johan Candelin, Executive Director of the World Evangelical Alliance's
Religious Liberty Commission, says this situation is bad. "There is no rule of
law right now. Christians are being arrested, human rights workers are being
arrested, and they are not being taken to court. So nobody knows where they are.
Radio and television are not working, and mobile phone networks are cut

According to Candelin, the arrests have been puzzling because President
Musharraf says emergency rule has been imposed to defeat the Islamists.
"However, no Islamists have been arrested, but all the Democrats, all the human
rights workers, and many of those Christians who have been speaking out about
the persecution of Christians--they have been taken by the police.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

He said, she said

Melanie Morgan, a San Francisco talk show host, is claiming that Hillary Clinton paid a private invetigator to investigate and harass Kathleen Willey, harrassment that included the killing of her cat. Kathleen Willey is one of the women Bill Clinton was alleged to have sexually harassed. The private investigator doesn’t deny giving the interview, or receiving money from the Clinton campaign, but he says Ms. Morgan is lying. Ms. Morgan and the PI are threatening to sue each other for libel.

I hope they do sue each other so this will be investigated. If this talk show host is making up something this serious just to smear a presidential candidate, she deserves more than fine. In my opinion, she deserves to go to jail! On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton would actually hire someone to investigate and harass the Clinton enemies, she is far too scary and dangerous to be the most powerful person in the world.

Read the WND article and decide for yourself.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Education is the answer

In the Democratic debate last week Senator Chris Dodd responded to a question about education saying,

"I've been asked the question over the years, 'What's the single most important issue?' I always say education because it is the answer to every other problem we confront as a people here."

For an excellent response to this nonsense, see Dennis Prager’s excellent article on TownHall. I would say that Senator Dodd needs a better education.

Five kinds of Christians

Are you a Christian? If so, what kind? An article in Christianity Today lists five kinds of "Christians":

Active Christians 19%
Believe salvation comes through Jesus Christ
Committed churchgoers
Bible readers
Accept leadership positions
Invest in personal faith development through the church
Feel obligated to share faith; 79% do so.

Professing Christians 20%
Believe salvation comes through Jesus Christ
Focus on personal relationship with God and Jesus
Similar beliefs to Active Christians, different actions
Less involved in church, both attending and serving
Less commitment to Bible reading or sharing faith

Liturgical Christians 16%
Predominantly Catholic and Lutheran
Regular churchgoers
High level of spiritual activity, mostly expressed by serving in church and/or community
Recognize authority of the church

Private Christians 24%
Largest and youngest segment
Believe in God and doing good things
Own a Bible, but don't read it
Spiritual interest, but not within church context
Only about a third attend church at all
Almost none are church leaders

Cultural Christians 21%
Little outward religious behavior or attitudes
God aware, but little personal involvement with God
Do not view Jesus as essential to salvation
Affirm many ways to God
Favor universality theology

In my view, "Cultural Christians" are not really Christian at all. Read the entire article in Christianity Today.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hillary and sexism

According to an article in Today's New York Times:

Some of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters are accusing rival candidates and the
questioners of “piling on,” to use the words of the Clinton campaign, at the
debate, which rattled the Clinton camp. They noted that JohnEdwards
had been especially critical of Mrs. Clinton.“

John Edwards, specifically, as well as the press, would never attack Barack
for two hours they way they attacked her,” said Geraldine
A. Ferraro
, the 1984 vice presidential candidate who supports Mrs. Clinton.
“It’s O.K. in this country to be sexist,” Ms. Ferraro said.

I guess Ms. Ferraro would know--she's leading the sexist crowd! Hillary is by far the frontrunner in the Democratic race, which is exactly where Edwards and Obama would like to be, so Hillary is the lightening rod for attack. It is sexist to accuse Edwards or Obama of being sexist simply because they attack the frontrunner! It is also a political ploy designed to silence the opposition. (Hat tip: Professor Ed)

Hillary and terrorists

According to WND:
Presidential candidate Sen.Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., has taken thousands of dollars in cash donations from Islamists under federal investigation for terror-financing, money laundering and tax fraud, WND has learned.

The Democrat senator over the past seven months has received $1,000 from M. Yaqub Mirza and another $500 from M. Omar Ashraf, federal campaign records show. Federal agents raided the Virginia homes and offices of the Muslim donors after 9/11 for ties to terrorism.
There's more. Read the rest of the article at WMD

Fred Thompson on abortion

According to CNSNews,

On "Meet the Press," Russert read Thompson the language of the Republican
"pro-life" plank and asked Thompson to state his position on it."This," said
Russert, "is the 2004 Republican Party platform, and here it is: 'We say the
unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be
infringed. We support a human life amendment to the Constitution. We endorse
legislation to make it clear that the Fourteenth Amendment's protections apply
to unborn children. Our purpose is to have legislative and judicial protection
of that right against those who perform abortions.' Could you run as a candidate
on that platform, promising a human life amendment banning all abortions?""No,"
said Thompson.

Thompson believes each individual state should decide. While I think the states should be able to decide a lot of things, the killing of innocent babies is not one of them. I am also deeply concerned that Thompson doesn't seem to be concerned about his connection to a former convicted drug pusher. I will be removing the Thompson08 sticker from my car today and will be looking for a Romney or Huckabee sticker instead.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Musharraf and Pakistan

The Pakistani Supreme Court was apparently on the verge of invalidating the recent election of Pervez Musharraf when Musharraf declared an “emergency” i.e. martial law. Hundreds of Musharraf opponents have reportedly been arrested. According to Metroblogging Lahore from Pakistan, the emergency declaration:

Curtailed constitutional safeguards on life and liberty
Gave police wider powers of arrest
Can deny suspects access to lawyers
Restricts freedom of movement
Shuts down private TV stations
Curtails media coverage of suicide bombings and militant activity
Replaces the Chief justice and requires others to swear an oath of loyalty
Bans the Supreme Court from rescinding the emergency order.

So far the best analysis of this emergency I’ve read comes from Mark Noonan on Blogs for Bush (Nov. 4, 2007):
I really can't say what is the best course of action for Musharraf; nor can I
say what is the best course of action for the United States in this situation. I
can only be certain that the Islamists must not take control is Pakistan - and
when I mean "must not", I mean that if Musharraf were to fall to an Islamist
revolution, we'd immediately have to intervene. Given the practical realities,
our only recourse is to urge Musharraf to as quickly as possible restore
democratic institutions and, meanwhile, just go slow and tread carefully.

I hope the U.S. is prepared (or secretly and rapidly preparing) to eliminate Pakistan’s nukes if the Pakistani government falls to jihadists. (See New York Times for more info).

Leading atheist finds God

Anthony Flew is “an Oxford educated philosopher described by some as ‘legendary.” For years he was one of the world’s leading proponents of atheism. Indeed, “His ideas paved the way for thinkers such as Richard Dawkins, the UK’s most virulent opponent of religious belief.”

In 2004 Dr. Flew changed his mind. He is now convinced of the existence of a personal God who created the universe, though Flew is careful to add that his view of God so far is more like that of Aristotle rather than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. All of this according to a recent article by Hilary White. Excerpts of the article appear below but please read the entire article at LifeSiteNews.

Flew has emphasized that his “discovery” of a god who created life was a result of relentlessly “following the evidence”. “It was empirical evidence,” he told an interviewer, “the evidence uncovered by the sciences. But it was a philosophical inference drawn from the evidence.”

Flew told Dr. Benjamin Wiker that two factors in particular “were decisive”. “One was my growing empathy,” he said, “with the insight of Einstein and other noted scientists that there had to be an Intelligence behind the integrated complexity of the physical Universe. The second was my own insight that the integrated complexity of life itself – which is far more complex than the physical Universe – can only be explained in terms of an Intelligent Source.”

He told Wiker, “I believe that the origin of life and reproduction simply cannot be explained from a biological standpoint despite numerous efforts to do so. With every passing year, the more that was discovered about the richness and inherent intelligence of life, the less it seemed likely that a chemical soup could magically generate the genetic code.”

Flew answered Richard Dawkins’ argument that “the origin of life can be attributed to a ‘lucky chance.’” He said, “If that's the best argument you have, then the game is over.” Flew said, “I would add that Dawkins is selective to the point of dishonesty when he cites the views of scientists on the philosophical implications of the scientific data.”

Qur'an 8:31-75

Robert Spencer's commentary on the Qur'an sura 8:31-75 is now available on Hot Air.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

University of Delaware brainwashing

An organization called FIRE has recently exposed what comes dangerously close to state mind control at the University of Delaware:

NEWARK, Del., October 30, 2007—The University of Delaware subjects students in
its residence halls to a shocking program of ideological reeducation that is referred to in the university’s own materials as a “treatment” for students’ incorrect attitudes and beliefs. The Orwellian program requires the approximately 7,000 students in Delaware’s residence halls to adopt highly specific university-approved views on issues ranging from politics to race, sexuality, sociology, moral philosophy, and environmentalism.

The university’s views are forced on students through a comprehensive anipulation of the residence hall environment, from mandatory training sessions to sustainability” door decorations. Students living in the university’s eight housing complexes are required to attend training sessions, floor meetings, and one-on-one meetings with their Resident Assistants (RAs). The RAs who facilitate these meetings have received their own intensive training from the university, including a “diversity facilitation training” session at which RAs were taught, among otherthings, that “[a] racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality.”

According to the program’s materials, the goal of the residence life education program is for students in the university’s residence halls to achieve certain “competencies” that the university has decreed its students must develop in order to achieve the overall educational goal of “citizenship.” These competencies include: “Students will recognize that systemic oppression exists in our society,” “Students will recognize the benefits of dismantling systems of oppression,” and “Students will
be able to utilize their knowledge of sustainability to change their daily
habits and consumer mentality.” (FIRE, see also HotAir).

No wonder there are so many Leftists in America. They’ve been brainwashed by the University System and can no longer think for themselves! Under legal pressure from FIRE and from bloggers like Michelle Malkin, the University of Delaware has backed off its Soviet-style tactics and many conservatives are cheering the victory.

My question is this: If the administrators of an American University advocated a program in which all blacks, all Hispanics or all Asians were denounced as racists, would that administrator still have a job today? Of course not! Then why are these administrators still employed? Shouldn’t the board of this university send a message that this kind of politically correct, racist, class warfare, brainwashing will not be tolerated? Why does anyone continue to attend or support universities that propogate this communist class warfare propoganda which pits the supposed evil white privileged class against everyone else? Programs like these do not promote tolerance and understanding, they incite division and class hatred.

Sexual abuse in public schools

Accordinding to OneNewsNow:

The findings of a seven-month investigation by Associated Press reporters
reveal that from 2001 to 2005, the teaching credentials of more than 2,500
educators nationwide were revoked, denied, surrendered, or sanctioned following
allegations of sexual misconduct. The investigation, chronicled by the news
agency in a mid-October report, states that young people were the victims in at
least 1,801 of the cases -- and more than 80 percent of those were

However, AP says that during its investigation, it found a "deeply
entrenched resistance" toward recognizing and fighting that sexual abuse -- from
teachers and school administrators who wish to avoid lawsuits, to the halls of
state capitals and Congress where lawmakers are hesitant to disparage an
otherwise honorable and vital profession. The result, says Associated Press, is
that very few abusers get caught -- and often are allowed to exit a district
quietly, only to show up in another school district. That dynamic, says the
report, is so commonplace that it has its own nicknames -- "passing the trash"
or the "mobile molester" (Readthe AP report)

Contrary to what I have reported before (this is a correction), this percentage is less than the number of abuse cases reported in the Catholic Church, nevertheless, this story deserves much more media attention than it is getting. Our nation's kids are at stake.

See WorldNetDaily for a list.