Thursday, December 07, 2006

Report on flying Imams

An article by Audrey Hudson yesterday reported that three separate “investigations into the removal of six imams from a US Airways flight last month have so far concluded that the airline acted properly, that the imams' claims they were merely praying and their eviction was racially inspired are without foundation.”

I copied excerpts of the article below but if you have the time, the entire article can be found at The Washington Times.

"An internal investigation by the airline found that air and ground crews 'acted correctly' when they requested that the Muslim men be removed from a Minneapolis-to-Phoenix flight on Nov. 20."

"We talked with crew members and passengers and those on the ground. We've done what we typically do in a situation where there is a removal or some kind of customer service at issue,' Miss Rader said. 'We found out the facts are substantially the same, and the imams were detained because of the concerns crew members had based on the behavior they observed, and from reports by the customers."

"The Minneapolis airport police department's report on the incident said the imams' behavior warranted their removal. The imams were not accused of breaking any laws."

"The Air Carrier Security Committee of the Air Line Pilots Association investigated the incident and said, 'The crew's actions were strictly in compliance with procedures and demonstrated overall good judgment in the care and concern for their passengers, fellow crew members, and the company."

"The decisions made by all the parties were made as a result of the behavior of the passengers and not as a result of their ethnicity,' the report concluded. Mr. Shahin told television reporters that he needed the seat-belt extension because he weighs 280 pounds. However, the police report lists his weight as 201 pounds. Weights listed for the other imams ranged from 170 pounds to 250 pounds."

Check out the timeline of events at Jihad Watch and tell me this whole thing wasn’t a set up. The scary thing is that these flying Imams are receiving legal support from CAIR, the face of “moderate” Islam in America!


robert said...

It seems pretty clear that they staged this event as a publicity stunt. However, I'm still not entirely sure of the goals of it. Was it to humiliate the airline? Make money? Loosen security?

Dennis said...

Robert, all I know is if they succeed in making the security officials, airline officials, or the general public hesitant to report suspected behaviors for fear of legal action, flying will suddenly become much more dangerous and Jihadists will have won a significant battle in their terrorist war.

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is providing legal support for the Imams and CAIR is the face of "moderate" Islam in America! If this is moderate Islam, we're all in trouble.

If they were really "moderate" they would condemn these Imams for the scam they have perpetrated on America.