Friday, December 22, 2006

Muslim terrorists and the Left

I’m really trying to understand this: It seems like every time I—or anyone else, for that matter—sound the alarm against Jihadists, someone from the Left will inevitably protest that there are many peaceful Muslims. Even when those of us sounding the alarm specifically qualify our warnings by saying that not all Muslims are terrorists and that there are many peaceful Muslims, someone from the left will often accuse us of being racists or bigots!

Why is this? Why does every attack against Muslim terrorists have to be qualified by saying that not all Muslims are terrorists, and why are those of us who sound the alarm called racists or bigots even when we qualify our warnings?

I would understand why this would be if the protesters were anti-American Muslim terrorists, but most of the protests come from American liberals who claim to love America! Assuming for the sake of argument, that not all liberals are stupid, and further assuming that they are not suffering from mental illness (as often asserted by one radio show talk show host) I wonder if the answer could be that liberals (in general) are afraid that when people attack Jihadists we will also antagonize “peaceful” Muslims.

Do liberals really think that if we would just stop antagonizing Muslim terrorists, and if we would just pull out of Iraq, and if we would just stop supporting Israel, and if we were just nice to all Muslims—then maybe Muslim extremists would stop killing us? If that is really what some liberals believe, then maybe the talk show host is right after all.


Anonymous said...

it was a nice comment. I really was surprised that u in USA face the same dilemna as us in India. We have our own left and so-called secular people who are hell-bent on defrnding Jehadis and their ilk. One question here in India we ask often but of which an answer is yet to be arrived at. That question is: Every Muslim is not a terrorist, but why is that every terrorist, arrested or killed, is a muslim? Keep writing.
Devidas Deshpande

john said...

Perhaps part of the problem is that not all of your comments are as qualified, as you claim, and sound hostile even to peaceful Muslims. Take a look at some of your previous comments, take a step back, and see if someone who doesn’t know you but is simply reading your posts would get the impression you’re only talking about jihadists and not Muslims in general:

Repeat after me..."Islam is a peaceful religion, Islam is a peaceful religion...."

So while I will continue to rant and rave about the evils of Islam (the religion) in general, and against Islamic extremism in particular, on a personal level, I never intend to advocate anything but love and compassion for Muslims as individuals. (The last part is commendable, but the comments about Islam in general are pretty general and not specific to jihadists.)

Radical Islam is not fueled by poverty. It is fueled by those who take the Qur'an and example of Muhammad very seriously.

I’m not interested in rehashing debates about these specific comments or their validity – I’m simply pointing out that not all of your comments are as obviously qualified as you seem to think.

Also, since you are sometimes prone to twisting people’s words around, I will state flat-out that I don’t believe “if we would just pull out of Iraq, and if we would just stop supporting Israel, and if we were just nice to all Muslims—then maybe Muslim extremists would stop killing us.” But, this article is a good example of how goodwill can be built when we actually show we’re interested in helping Muslims rather than invading and occupying their countries.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand conservatives. Are they stupid or suffering from some mental disease? They think if we just invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and we give up some of our freedoms like habeus corpus and lock up some of our own citizens without charging them and torture a few people we suspect of being terrorists and call anyone who disagrees with us traitors and attack the believers of the second most popular religion on Earth and misrepresent what they believe in, that the terrorists will just leave us alone. Golly gee willickers if that's what conservatives believe then maybe the people who say we should round them up and put them in camps where they won't be able to harm us are correct.