Friday, December 08, 2006

Jihad, coming to a mall near you?

The following are excerpts from a Chicogo Sun Times article (See also Jihad Watch):

"A Rockford man allegedly planned to set off hand grenades in garbage cans at a shopping mall near Rockford as part of his plot to let the world know “the time for jihad is now."

"Should he die before the attack, Shareef made a videotape statement to explain his actions."

"I am from America, and this tape is to let you guys know, who disbelieve in Allah, to let the enemies of Islam know, and to let the Muslims alike know that the time for jihad is strong, oh Mujahideen...May Allah protect me on this mission we do not cry, do not mourn for me,” he said, according to the FBI affidavit."

"He at one point told the informant he wanted to target government facilities."

"I want some type of city hall-type stuff now, federal court houses,' Shareef was caught on tape saying, according to an FBI affidavit. 'I just want to smoke a judge.”

Kudos to the FBI and the Chicago Joint Terrorism Task Force for catching this evil idiot!

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Anonymous said...

It's high time for "Mulims for Peace" to stand up and launch peace rallies and marches across the country. Otherwise, even the dumbest liberals will have to concede that "Islam" does not literally mean "peace."