Saturday, December 02, 2006

Imams and eyewitness reports

Police department eyewitness statements have now been released regarding the six Imam’s removed from a U.S. Airways flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix. The statements are all handwritten and sometimes difficult to read. I’ve transcribed some of them below, sometimes in whole, sometimes in part. To read the actual reports from the officers and eyewitnesses you can find the link at Michelle Malkin which is where I found it.

In the transcripts below parentheses are always part of the actual documents but brackets [ ] include my own explanation or words I was unable to make out.

Eyewitness report:
Witnessed 6 suspicious Arabic men speaking Arabic behind ticket counter next to ticket counter for gate C9. They seemed angry, heated discussion. Mentioned “U.S.” and “killing Sadam.”—two men swore slightly under their breath/mumbled. They spoke Arabic again. The gate called boarding for the flight. The men then chanted, “Allah, Allah, “Allah!” They walked in line for the flight, composed and calm, very different than they had been behind the wall/screen of the desk. On the plane, I noticed that they were spaced out throughout the plane, from front to back, covering seats (approx): Front row first class ~ seat 9, 21D & 25EF. I passed note to stewardess telling her of suspicious activity.

The note read:
6 suspicious Arabic men on plane, spread out in their seats. All were together saying, “Allah…Allah..” cursing U.S. involvement w/ Saddam before flight—1 in front exit row, another in first row first class, another in 8D, another in 22D, two in 25E&F.

Eyewitness report:
I noticed couple of guys praying in Arabic at gate 9C while I was the gate agent at the podium working flt 300. They were standing to my left between gate C9 and C10. I thought that I was suspicious by the way they were praying very loud. After that one of the guys approach me and asked if he can have two first class seats, of which I told him that we have no more seats in first class.

Eyewitness report:
PAX seated in 1D requested a seat belt extension prior to closing door. Thought it odd as he was not overly heavy, yet accommodated PAX. Shortly after PAX’s seated in 9C&D requested a seat belt extension—PAX in 9C was heavier. Found this unsettling as crew knew about the (6) PAX on board and where they were sitting. After police escorted PAX off I went to remove extensions from seats to put them away and noticed that the extension was actually not on the seat belt but rather on the floor where his feet would have been. This was my only actual contact with PAX. PAX’s on boarding did seem a little odd. PAX 1D went to AFT cabin twice during the boarding and again during the “delay” which was even more suspicious. First time talking to 9C&D second time going all the way back in 25 EF.

From an off duty flight attendant “deadheading” home:
“As everyone boarded around me two of the muslim came on. One stood @ 4C and pretended to be blind. One went to row 9D. He talked another passenger into trading seats so that blind man, yellow shirt can sit in 9C. I was in 8C. They both then asked for seat belt extensions. I did not see they actually needed them—they were not overweight.”

Eyewitness report:
“I travel to Turkey frequently and knew many Muslims personally. The behavior of the group in the gate area was atypical for my experience w/Muslims [ ] among other things aggressive eye contact in response to mine. On board the flight I sat next to someone whose boarding pass said Ibraham Mohammad. I purposely engaged him in [ ] conversation. Over the course of the conversation the following was revealed.

He is an Imam from Egypt who has attended school from kindergarten to Ph.D at one of the two [ ] existing Islamic universities.

He first told me he was doing Ph.D work in Bakersfield [handwriting uncertain] as things didn’t add up I continued to question. He eventually said he was only using the library in Bakersfield [handwriting uncertain but same word as Bakersfield above], [ ] that he was [ ] advocating / [ ] [ ] have in the U.S. and not doing the work he said related to his Ph.D. He expressed views I consider to be extreme Muslim fundamentalist views. He expressed the problems on non-sharia (Islamic law) governments and the extensive problems of [ ] [ ] in the Middle East. (i.e. Turkey repressing Muslims, should be operating Sharia, etc.) Egypt as well, etc. He indicated that it was necessary to go to whatever measures necessary to obey all that’s set out in the Qur’an.

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Kevin said...

Wow. I can see why you think this was staged. I'm now more certain then ever that the airline did nothing wrong and acted as it should have and was entitled to.