Monday, December 04, 2006

Hezbollah re-arms in Lebanon

Remember last summer how the United Nations was going to reinforce its presence in Lebanon to keep the peace? What the United Nations actually did was, in effect, to stop Israel's pounding of Hezbollah so Hezbollah could re-arm for another day. Terrorism expert Daniel Pipes posted this to his website:

"Today comes a report by Uzi Mahnaimi in the Sunday Times (London), 'Hezbollah's missiles back in Lebanon,' that Hizbullah's forces are back in south Lebanon and stronger than ever. He quotes an Israeli intelligence officer. 'Since the ceasefire, additional rockets, weapons and military equipment have reached Hezbollah. We assume they now have about 20,000 rockets of all ranges — a bit more than they had before July 12." In a recent interview with Al-Manar, Hizbullah's television station, Hassan Nasrallah confirmed the Israeli estimate, claiming Hizbullah now possesses at least 30,000 rockets."

"Israeli military intelligence has warned the government that renewed fighting with Hezbollah, which it regards as a terrorist organisation, should be expected as early as next spring. In response, Israeli forces have taken emergency action. They have postponed a plan to reduce the length of national service — currently 36 months for men and about 24 months for women — and are stepping up production of better armoured tanks. They are also grouping all special forces into a single new division and are developing laser technology, jointly with the United States, to shoot down Hezbollah's rockets."

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