Friday, December 01, 2006

Hezbollah rally

Today, the Washington Times reported that an estimated 800,000 protesters (Hezbollah says one million) turned out for a Hezbollah-organized rally in Beruit. The rally was intended by Hezbollah to topple Lebanon's democratic government, and replace it with Syria's terrorist puppet, Hezbollah.

800,000 protestors is 17.7% of that country's total population of 4,509,678. To give some idea of the magnitude of this rally: If the same percentage of Americans turned out to support the replacing of America's democracy with a terrorist government, 53 million people would descend on Washington!

To drive the point home further: Only 60% of Lebanon's population is Muslim. This means that nearly one out of every three Muslims in Lebanon turned out to support terrorists (And Lebanon is probably one of the more moderate Muslim countries in the Middle East)!

Tell me again about how terrorist-supporting Muslims are just a tiny minority.


Anonymous said...

"I wish that our prime minister and his ministers were here among us today rather than hiding behind army tanks and barbed wire," Michel Aoun, an influential Christian leader allied with Hezbollah, told the crowd. "The one who has support of his people does not need barbed wire." A few moments later, he added: "I call on the prime minister and his ministers to resign."

john said...

"Anonymous" highlights an interesting section from that article - sounds like not all Hezbollah supporters are Muslim. Also, from what I've heard of this protest, it was a protest from various people and groups against the current government. I don't think it's accurate to say that all 800,000 (or whatever the number actually was) people were there as a show of support for Hezbollah.