Monday, December 11, 2006

The airport that stole Christmas

A Jewish Rabbi recently insisted that Seattle-Tacoma airport put up a menorah for the Christmas / Hanukkah season. In response, the Sea-Tac commissioners chose to remove the airport's Christmas trees (

As a Christian, I support the Rabbi. I think Sea-Tac should immediately put up the menorah along with the Christmas trees. That would be the multicultural, tolerant thing to do.

Any Christians who object should remember that the menorah is a symbol of Hanukkah (aka Feast of Dedication) which, according to the Gospel of John (10:22-23), Jesus celebrated.


Kevin said...

Ah yes... it's Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Ramadan/Winter Solstice time... a time for everyone to bicker over decorations.

professor ed said...

On the Oreilly Show last evening (12-11-06) the Rabi stated that he was willing to donate a menorah. This is a BIG airport. With an open-minded management it could easily accomodate appropriate religious symbols for the season, of different faiths. I hope the follks who made this "enlightened" decision, will be warmed on Christmas day by the lumps of coal from their stockings

Dennis said...

I heard this morning that they were now going to put the Christmas trees back up...but still no manorah as far as I know. I'd take back the coal, but I'd still like to see the manorah in the airport too :-)

Kevin said...

Forget this sillyness about trees and Manorah's. We've got a bigger problem on our hands, when illegal aliens can sneak over our borders on slieghs masqaurading as jolly old saintly elves can sneak into our homes and willfully distribute air polluting fossil fuels (how long will the coal supply last!?) all of this and he doesn't have a permit... no permit!!! Surely we can all agree that home invading foreigners were flamable substances who refuse to file the correct paperwork and obtain the proper permits should be kept out of this country. For the sake of the children... please.