Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The voice of a moderate Muslim

Recently Jamal Miftah, an American Muslim, wrote an article on Jihadists that appeared in TulsaWorld. The following are excerpts:

“Cowards like al-Zawahri and bin Laden are inciting the ignorant and innocent youths to commit suicide bombings to kill innocent civilians including children, women and the elderly, while they hide in spider holes and caves. They never send their own sons and daughters, born out of half a dozen of their wives, to get killed in the name of Islam. They are themselves hypo crites, cowards, thugs and liars. For 12 years they misappropriated aid received from the U.S. and the West to fight Russia. Now they are ensuring smooth flow of petro dollars from Arab countries in the name of jihad against the West.”

“Even mosques and Islamic institutions in the U.S. and around the world have become tools in their hands and are used for collecting funds for their criminal acts. Half of the funds collected go into the pockets of their local agents and the rest are sent to these thugs.”

“I appeal to the Muslim clerics around the world that, rather than issuing empty fatwas condemning suicide bombing, they should issue a fatwa for the death of such scoundrels and barbarians who have taken more than 4,267 lives of innocent people in the name of Islam and have carried out more than 24 terrorist attacks on civilian installations throughout the world.”

It is so refreshing to hear the voice of a moderate Muslim. Oh, did I mention that the leaders of his Mosque in Tulsa Oklahoma kicked him out until he apologizes and some other members have threatened him with violence! (LGF).

I am beginning to fear that the truly moderate Muslims, like Jamal Miftah, are either a minority or are so intimidated by the rest (even in America) that they are afraid to speak out. Either way, I hope the FBI is seriously investigating Islam in America.


Comrade Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. You believe that the FBI should be investigating an entire religion. Gee, I wonder how you would feel if the FBI decided to investigate, say, Christianity, because abortion clinic bombers are all Christian. Or maybe the FBI could investigate Judaism for on suspicion of spying for Israel.

Dennis said...

Well, technically, I’m not suggesting that the FBI investigate “a religion”—that’s what scholars do-—but YES, I’m suggesting that the FBI investigate American mosques and Muslim leaders to find out what they’re teaching and where their money is really going.

We need to know whether these mosques are becoming the hiding places and incubation centers for terrorists and future terrorists because so far, the evidence is not looking good.

Second, if Christians were beheading and blowing up innocent people around the world, flying planes into buildings, and threatening the overthrow of the West, then yes, I would absolutely say that the FBI should investigate Christians and churches.

Third, the FBI is welcome in our churches anytime. I think it would be a fantastic thing if everyone in the FBI attended the church of their choice every Sunday. In fact, when I lived in Tennessee one of the members of my church was an active FBI agent. He made no secret of the fact and the church had so much respect for his Christian integrity and commitment, we voted him in to a leadership position on the governing board (hardly the place to have an FBI agent if you have something to hide :-)

Fourth, you are apparently having trouble grasping the difference between Jihadists and abortion clinic bombers. Let me see if I can help you:

First, abortion clinic bombers generally focus their wrath on those involved in the business of destroying unborn babies—-unlike Jihadists, abortion clinic bombers do not randomly kidnap, behead or blow up hundreds of innocent people, nor do they fly planes into buildings and threaten to overthrow the West.

Second, Jihadists have been responsible for about 6,000 deaths in the last six years. While anti-abortion criminals have been responsible for a lot of property damage they have killed no one in the last six years. In fact, anti-abortion criminals have been responsible for precisely seven murders in the last 13 years-—NO, that’s not seven thousand, not seven hundred, not even seventy. Seven people in 13 years!

According to FBI statistics, gay people committed 21 hate crimes against straight people in 2005 alone! So maybe we should compare gay people to Jihadists too! That’s absurd, of course, but no more absurd than your comparison.

Third, while Jihadists deliberately explode bombs in densely populated areas in order to kill as many innocent people as possible, abortion clinic bombers generally seem to target buildings after hours. As far as I can determine, only one person has ever been killed in an abortion clinic bombing.

Fourth, in 1997 there were 6 abortion clinic bombings. Since 1997 there have been a grand total of 3 abortion clinic bombings and the last one was five years ago! (Comrade, the way you talk people would think there was an abortion clinic bombing every month and that hundreds had died!

Fifth, abortion clinic bombers are definitely criminals who deserve to go to prison and if they deliberately kill someone they even deserve the death penalty, but unlike Jihadists they are certainly no threat to national security.

So let me get this straight: Are you seriously trying to compare Jihadists who are a threat to national security, deliberately target innocent people and have killed thousands—-to anti-abortion criminals who are no threat to national security, do not randomly target innocent people and have killed a grand total of seven people in thirteen years?!

The bombing of abortion clinics is unbiblical and criminal, and the murder of even seven people is a horrible injustice worthy of the death penalty (don't you agree?) but to compare these criminals with Jihadists is either shear ignorance or hateful bigotry!

(By the way, my statistics come from the National Abortion Federation-—hardly a bastion of the radical anti-abortion movement).