Monday, November 27, 2006

Schools closed in Thailand

According to a report by CNN (hat tip: LGF), over 300 schools in Thailand will shut their doors due to attacks by Muslim insurgents. Teachers and schools are now being attacked, almost on a daily basis. The problem can’t be the Buddhist government because, as Recliner Commentaries reported in September, the Buddhist government was overthrown in a coup by Muslims.

A Danish newspaper publishes some cartoons, and hundreds of thousands of Muslims all over the world start protesting and rioting. The Pope quotes from a medieval writer and again, hundreds of thousands of Muslims take to the streets. The Pope is trying to mend fences with a trip to Turkey and over 25,000 Muslim protesters have taken to the streets.

On the other hand, when Muslim extremists kill teachers, burn schools and deprive 100,000 kids of their education, the streets are quiet. While there are a few lone Muslim voices of protest (I applaud their courage), the vast majority of “moderate Muslims” remain deafeningly silent in the face of atrocities committed in the name of Islam. We are constantly told that the radicals are only a tiny fringe in Islam, so where are the moderate Muslims?

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