Monday, November 06, 2006

Planned Parenthood cover-up of child molestation?

Has Planned Parenthood in Kansas been covering up cases of child molestation and rape? The following are excerpts from a recent WND article:

"The attorney general in Kansas has won his courtroom battle over the medical records for dozens of abortions in his state, and says the documents appear to have concealed cases of child rape, illegal late-term abortion, rape by force or fear, incest, child sexual abuse and other crimes."

"Nobody has been willing to enforce the abortion laws against Planned Parenthood," he told WND during a recent interview. And some of the situations just screamed for attention."

"For example, when there are abortions performed on children as young as 10, by law and by definition there has been a sexual assault on a child. In Kansas a person under 16 legally cannot consent to sex, and abortions cannot be performed past 22 weeks. However, those cases simply weren't being reported, he said, even though state law requires officials who are in a position to know the circumstances to report such crimes."


robert said...

As young as 10?! There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with those people if they're not reporting that to the authorities.

john said...

Turns out Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline may have improperly leaked abortion records to Bill O'Reilly.


Dennis said...


Thank you for the link. As the article says, the Kansas Attorney General claims that he doesn't know how O'Rellly got the information. Maybe it was leaked by a staff member. I can't imagine that an Attorney General would be so stupid as to jepordize his case by doing something so blatently illegal--but who knows. I hope its not true.

Anyway, if the administators of these abortion clinics did not know what was going on in their clinics, I would have expected them to express outrage that doctors in their clinics were covering up child rape and molestation, and would express a sincere desire to get to the bottom of the issue.

On the other hand, if the administrators knew what was going on, it would make sense that they would be more concerned about diverting attention to the leak rather than expressing concern for the children. Its pretty disgusting!

Kevin said...

Any news leak is a sidebar issue. The core issue is that Planned Parenthood allegedly willfully violated the law and in so doing put other children at risk of being exposed to sexual predators. The issue should be investigated thoroughly and if the allegations are proven to be true... I think Planned Parenthood should voluntarily offer for outside investigators to investigate and determine if this is an isolated issue or systemic.