Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The military loves acronyms. When I was in the Air Force one common acronym was FUBAR (Fouled up beyond all recognition--except that Air Force people used another word instead of "fouled" and this is a family blog :-)

According to an article in PhonenixNewTimes FUBAR sounds like a good acronym for ICE (the Imigration and Customs Enforcement bureau). The article is long but amazingly eye-0pening!

(I learned of this article from DebbieSchlussel.Com where you can find her brief analysis).


Kevin said...

Wow! What a debacle. It's amazing how we can so completely screw up this issue. We need immigrant workers, they want to work here, let them in! Tax them, track them, and eventually if they play nice and integrate into the society and want to... let them become citizens. While we're doing this... getting more money and better intel and reducing the people-smuggling trade... we can focus our resources on these gangs, drug operations, and other groups who don't want us to know they're here.

Man... the law enforcement agencies in Arizona should be applauded. They're doing a lot with a little.

professor ed said...

If this "cooperation" of ICE with the troopers, as well as the definitely FUBAR organizational process within ICE, is an example of how our Homeland Security effort is being handled, then Heaven help us! Followin "9-11" cooperative information among agencies (Federal and State) was supposed to be the name of the game. Apparently some folks out there have not yet gotten the memo.