Monday, November 27, 2006

Imam's ties to terrorism

According to Michelle Malkin, one of the Imams detained in Minneapolis for suspicions behavior (see Recliner Commentaries, Nov. 20, 21) is staging a protest today. Ms Malkin urges us to watch the mainstream media's coverage of this event carefully. She rightfully asks:

"Will they mention Shahin's admitted ties to Osama bin Laden and denial of the 9/11 al Qaeda plot?"

"Or his connection to a Hamas-linked terror charity front?"

"Will they mention Mahdi Bray's terror-sympathizing statements and stances?"

"Or the Muslim American Society's radical embrace of sharia and faux pose as the "moderate" front for the Muslim Brotherhood? (My debate on Laura Ingraham's radio show with one of the double-talking MAS spokesmen here.)"

"Or will they mindlessly play along with the grievance-mongers, lazily echoing the cries of "Islamophobia" and joining in self-flagellation?"

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