Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Imam's tie to terrorism

Omar Shahin, one of the Muslim Imam’s removed from the plane in Minneapolis, was furious about his treatment, “I never felt bad in my life like that. I never. Six imams. Six leaders in this country. Six scholars in handcuffs. It’s terrible.”

As it turns out, Imam Shahin is a representative for the Kind Hearts Organization—an organization which, according to the Treasury Department, attempts to “mask their support for terrorism behind the façade of charitable giving.” (See Jihad Watch).


Kevin said...

These guys are idiots. They exhibited several behaviors (including breaking off into twos and taking unassigned seats on the airplane). They should expect that they might raise some suspicions. Of course, had their been an actual terrorist attack and the local authorities hadn't done something we'd be wondering how the system broke down. There is no issue here folks... this is just a trumped up media story. Ignore, move along.

And to Dennis' earlier point... these guys, the Imams, missed a huge opportunity to distance themselves from terrorist organizations. They're mistake.

professor ed said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this whole "episode" was a set-up to try to get the airlines to loosen up on security measures. Not that I mean to be cynical!:-)