Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I now pronounce you NOT man and wife

According to a report published yesterday, a man and his wife who have been married for five years (and even had a child together), suddenly found themselves not married. The woman's brother filed a lawsuit on behalf of her father contending that she did not have his permission to get married in the first place. Apparently under Sharia law in the UAE where they live, women must have the permission of their fathers to get married. Since she did not have it, the Sharia court in Dubai pronounced them not man and wife (Dhimmi Watch, Khaleejtimes).

No word on whether she will now be beheaded or beaten for five years of immorality. Tell me again how Islam is a good thing for women?

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Kevin said...

For a minute I thought this was going to about Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock's divorce :).

It sounds like, given this example and the other examples I've given, that Sharia law is completely incompatibile with Western values. So is it possible for a Muslim to still believe in Islam and reject Sharia law?