Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats win

The people have spoken. The Democrats now control the House and at this hour it appears that they may also take the Senate. The next two years should be interesting, to say the least.


Kevin said...

Bush's policy in Iraq or at least the presentation of that policy and scandal and corruption in the Republican party combined with a brilliant (and obvious) strategy of picking centrist candidates that represent the districts and states their from gave the Democrats this majority.

I hope the lesson learned by both parties is that pandering to their fringes is counterproductive, and that Americans however fickle and easily swayed by rhetoric expect results. So Democrats and Republicans, get to work and make improvements that all of us can be pretty happy about. Cut spending, keep taxes where they are, agree on what to do in Iraq and support our troops and allies, raise the minimum wage (I don't support this but it's inevitable and it has been nearly 10 years since it was raised so given inflation a raise is probably due), and keep the rhetoric down to a dull roar.

If all of that happens... well... it's probably a sign of the end of the world.

slimmons said...

As a side note, I'm also hopeful that "evangelicals" will bring some balance back to the church in the US now that the election is over and political power has been wrested from the Republicans. That is, instead of evangelical being a political term or code for Republican, maybe evangelical will again become those whose focus of time, money, energy, and prayers is on evangelism & spreading the good news of the Gospel to a world that needs it. . . maybe.

john said...

Dennis: Gee, don't sound so excited. :)

Slimmons: Well said - I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, this will probably just make them desperate to get their power back....

slimmons said...

I do think Christians should be involved in the political process and should be free to express their moral beliefs and view of government. They should vote, invest money in causes they believe in, run for office, and dialogue in politics, all of which are important to our nation. Proverbs says that righteousness exalts a nation.

I just think that the spiritual battle for the hearts and souls of men is the CENTRAL calling of the church as given in scripture and should be the main focus. Unfortunately as I'm traveling the country, speaking in churches, and meeting Christians I am finding that those who are focused on evangelism and discipleship are definately in the minority, even in the church. However most Christians I meet are very passionate about politics. I wish I could invert these percentages.

I know there are Republicans who are hungry to get the power back just as there are Democrats who are hungry to use their newly found power. Maybe I'm overly optimistic but I'm praying that the church will stay connected with the political process, but be passionately consumed with the spiritual one in individuals lives.

On a more political note, what will Democrats do now? With power, they will be expected to deliver change but their new electees are relatively conservative Democrats and their majority in the House and slim/no majority in the Senate mean they will have to work with Republicans. Two years before the next election, what will they do to deliver "change"?

john said...

Slimmons - I agree with you here too. I would never say that someone shouldn't participate in and/or stay aware of what our government is doing. I just wish evangelicals who are passionate about politics would focus more on issues that the Bible places importance on - issues like poverty - rather than their pursuit of power through creating hype over wedge issues.

As for what the next two years will look like, who knows.... Hopefully Bush and Pelosi mean what they're saying today about working together.

robert said...

One of the biggest problems that the Republicans had was that they didn't utilize their power (when they had it) to bring about change. They essentially sat in Washington and fought with the Democrats. They couldn't even unify themselves as a party a good majority of the time. The Democrats did an amazing job of advancing their agenda (or blocking the Republican one) fairly regularly while Republicans constantly violated the principles of the people who elected them. Combined with the scandals and the war, the Republicans looked weak, ineffective, and dirty to its own base.

You couldn't have asked for a better situation for Democrats to seize power.