Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Breaking news: Rumsfeld steps down

USA Today breaking news:

"WASHINGTON - President Bush said Wednesday Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is stepping down and former CIA Director Robert Gates will take over at the Pentagon and in prosecuting the war in Iraq."

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professor ed said...

The departure of Rumsfeld was inevitable, following the "bloody nose" sustained by the national GOP. Gates is a good choice and can be counted on to be quite effective in the office. But I also believe this change, in the eyes of the Democrat Party will be considered cosmetic at best. I wonder whose head they will go after next, now that they no longer have Rumsfeld to kick around anymore?

Kevin said...

This was a smart move. One, the policy in Iraq needs to be updated or at least the public's perception fo the policy needs to be changed. Two, As Ed said Gates sounds capable and able to make changes and stand up to the Bush administration.

Republicans are taking away the lightning rod that is Donald Rumsfeld which will hopefully focus the discussion and the issue of Iraq and real proposed solutions not just rhetoric.

john said...

The fallout begins.... Sounds like Hastert will step down from party leadership too (although that's not a big surprise).