Monday, July 31, 2006

The mask comes off

It was a busy weekend. The mask on the Lebanese government came off as the Prime Minister publicly praised Hezbollah and condemned Israel for crimes against humanity. Some estimates now say that as many as 80% of the Lebanese people support Hezbollah.

Mob violence broke out in Beirut and Gaza over Israel’s bombing of a building in Qana, Lebanon. Maybe I missed it but I don’t recall these people protesting the killing of innocent Jewish women and children by terrorists! In fact, I don’t even recall these people protesting the killing of hundreds of Muslims by other Muslims in Iraq! While I have great sympathy for the children who died, I don’t have much sympathy for the protesters.

One Jewish mother wrote, "If you hide behind your baby to shoot at my baby, you are responsible for getting children killed."

These diabolical Hezbollah monsters hide rockets in, and fire them from private residential areas knowing full well that Israel must respond. Hezbollah then uses the dead civilians in their propaganda campaign, and all over the world very stupid people act is if it is all Israel’s fault. Fortunately—in what I thought must certainly be a dream—I saw two separate pairs of Republican and Democratic strategists on TV this weekend who all agreed that the current Mid-East crisis is entirely Hezbollah’s fault and an immediate cease-fire would play into Hezbollah’s hands.

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