Monday, July 24, 2006

Lebanon in bed with Hezbollah?

On July 21 I asked why we should think that the Lebanese government ever had a serious interest in controlling Hezbollah. Today, Michelle Malkin linked to a MEMRI video clip of Hezbollah leader Nasrallah claiming that he spoke to the main political leaders in Lebanon about abducting Israeli soldiers.

Usually I wouldn't believe a word Nasrallah had to say but in this case I find no reason not to believe him. In the absence of any denial by the Lebanese government (and anti-Hezbollah actions to back up their denial) why shouldn't the world community assume that the Lebanese government and Hezbollah are in bed together?

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Kevin said...

At this point why should we make those assumptions? Israel is moving forward with the operations. It's generally agreed or at least currently accepted that Hezbollah is the problem and they need to go or be under complete control before the fighting stops. There is no reason to, at this point with one video clip, to come down on either side of the position. Take it for what it is, see what the Lebanese say, and return to the tape when it is pivotally relevent in the debate.