Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kofi Annan calls for immediate cease-fire

About 20 minutes ago, Kofi Annan finished addressing the U.N. Security Council, calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Lebanon. While he condemned Hezbollah’s actions as deplorable, he also condemned Israel’s actions as excessive. Several times he repeated his insistence on an immediate cessation of hostilities. Mr. Annan insisted that the captured soldiers be released and called for an expanded peacekeeping force working with the Lebanese government to establish control of the southern Lebanese border. He emphasized that what unites us is our compassion for the victims.

The speech left me with several questions for Mr. Annan. First, where was all this compassion when Hezbollah was killing Jews over the last several years? If the U.N really had so much compassion for Lebanon, why didn't the U.N. do something to stop Hezbollah's military buildup in the first place?

Second, the U.N. was supposed to be monitoring the border in the first place. Why on earth should Israel believe that the U.N. will monitor the border now when the U.N has been so criminally negligent for so many years?

Third, the Lebanese government was supposed to take control of the border years ago with the help of the U.N. Why should Israel believe that Lebanon would keep Hezbollah from attacking Israel now, even if they had the power to do so?

Fourth, Hezbollah does not have a good track record when it comes to following U.N. resolutions. In fact, this whole crisis is due to the fact that for years Hezbollah repeatedly ignored U.N. resolutions! So why should Israel think that Hezbollah would heed a call for a cease-fire? And why should Israel cease military operations when they have no indication whatsoever that Hezbollah will do the same? Why should Israel cease operations when doing so may only serve to allow Hezbollah to re-group, re-arm and attack again?

Finally, Mr. Annan, don’t you think you and the world community should take some responsibility for the this entire crisis since over the years Israel as repeatedly appealed to the U.N. for intervention against Hezbollah and the U.N. has done nothing until now when Hezbollah is being defeated? Are you really trying to protect Lebanon--or Hezbollah?

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Anonymous said...

How do you have a cease-fire with terrorists? Do you go up to Hezbollah and say, "Mister Terrorist, will you put your guns and rockets down?"

I think Kofi Annan is absurd as well as the many other Democrats and Republicans alike who call for an immediate cease-fire. If it is so easy to come to a peaceful agreement then why didnt the US think of that idea with the Al-Qaeda forces long ago?