Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Intolerance and the NEA

Earlier this month, the National Education Association completed their 2006 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. Below, in italics, is the American Family Association summary of NEA actions during that meeting:

- NEA overwhelmingly passed a resolution (B 10) endorsing gaymarriages and adoptions in states where they're legal. Click hereand read the first three paragraphs.

- NEA recommended that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issuesbe required content for teacher credentialing. (Teachers would beforced to undergo sensitivity training concerning homosexuality beforethey could be certified to teach.) Here is the wording of theresolution: "That NEA advocate for the inclusion of Gay, Lesbian,Bisexual, and Transgender issues in the National Council for theAccreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) teacher education programreview process." NEA has already contacted NCATE about this.

- NEA voted to replace the word "tolerance" toward homosexuality with"acceptance and respect" in union policies. The author of NewBusiness Item 52 used this rationale: "We should teach acceptance andrespect, not tolerance, of those who are different from us whereverappropriate." (The NEA is saying that "tolerance" of the homosexuallifestyle isn't enough, that homosexuality must be accepted andrespected.) Click Here for more information -

- NEA refused to pass an amendment (I 24) designed to protectstudents against sexual misconduct by teachers. The amendment read "Toprotect the rights of all students, the Association believes sexualcontact between education professionals and minor students isunacceptable." The NEA refused to pass the amendment and referredit back to the Resolutions Committee. Many feel that the NEA refusedto pass the amendment in order to protect teachers who have sex withstudents.

America is a very diverse and multicultural nation and millions of Americans strongly disagree with the NEA’s social agendas. For the NEA to attempt to force their own particular liberal social agendas on teachers, families and children who disagree with them is the height of bigotry, intolerance and even tyranny!

In what would have seemed inconceivable to most of our founding fathers, the far Left has succeeded in separating religion from public education. Maybe the time has come for Congress to pass laws separating social agendas from public education as well. Since that is not likely, and since the education establishment often shows nothing but complete contempt for those who oppose them, the only other solution seems to be for more and more Americans to resort to private or home schooling.


Ed Merwin, Jr. said...

A search of LexisNexis "national education association disgruntled members" in US News, Southeast regional sources, illustrates this liberal atitude of the union is nothing new:

LENGTH: 348 words

HEADLINE: NEA forces disgruntled teacher to pay dues



The National Education Association has refused to let a high school
teacher immediately quit the organization because of its support of Lesbian
and Gay History Month in public schools.

Jeffery Hudgins, a social studies teacher at Glencliff High School, says
he is being forced to pay $ 400 annual dues to an organization he politically

He has tried unsuccessfully to drop out of the NEA since last October
when he learned that the group adopted a resolution supporting the
celebration of Lesbian and Gay History Month.

''As a social studies teacher, I feel that further polarizes our society
by drawing attention to our differences rather than our similarities,''
Hudgins said.

''If any American had made a major contribution to society, I think that
should be taught, but I don't feel it's particularly meaningful based on the
sexual persuasion of that person. I don't think it's the role of the teacher
to say, 'Hey, we need to know about this person because he was famous and

''I don't personally have anything against gays and lesbians. I just
don't think the classroom is the place to celebrate sexual persuasion.''

He's been prevented from dropping his membership because he holds a
''continuing membership,'' which cannot be canceled after Oct. 1 in any
given year.

''I felt like there was no budging on their part,'' Hudgins said. ''Why
would a membership want to have a disgruntled member anyway? It just doesn't
make sense.''

Juanita Lockert, president of the Metropolitan Nashville Education
Association, the local affiliate of the NEA, said the organization was
simply following its own bylaws.

''Every organization has bylaws they have to abide by and follow,''
Lockert said. ''I think (the board and the assembly) felt that if there are
guidelines in the bylaws they should be followed, rather than to waive them
back and forth.''

The bylaws are being changed this year so a person can resign from the
MNEA anytime between April 1 and May 31.

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Anonymous said...

Does this apply to students as well? Are teachers going to yell at students that they must ACCEPT AND RESPECT Gays? I understand the respect part, violence against homosexuals is wrong. Period.

But, telling someone who already tolerates them (meaning does not actively deny them rights) has to now accept them (meaning find them morally appropriate) is infringing on the rights of other students to exercise free thinking. That is terrible.

I hate this society some times.